4 Advantages of House Calls

A house call is a medical consultation performed by a doctor or other healthcare professionals where they visit the patient at their own home. While we have heard that rich people never visit hospitals, these days house calls have become more common. Home doctor visits are now being offered by some companies. Since it has not been prevalent in a while, people probably do not know whether it is worth it to contract such services. So here is a list of some advantages of house calls.

Saves Time

It can be a hassle for patients to find the time to call their doctor and schedule an appointment time that works for them. With house calls, it is possible to have a doctor come to your house on the same day. This is especially useful for new parents or those with busy schedules. It can be tough for them to find the time to schedule and then drive to the appointment, all while ensuring everything else they usually do goes smoothly. This also applies to those caring for the elderly, as it can be very similar in difficulty.

More Personalized Care

For doctors, it becomes much easier to give personalized care with home visits. This is because they can spend a greater amount of time with their patient and form a good relationship with them, unlike the hospitals, where they can only spend a minimal amount of time with patients. Here in Australia, a general practitioner (GP) could see anywhere from 20 to 30 patients a day. This means they don’t get to know their patients, unlike house call doctors who can observe their patients’ surroundings and even see how their lifestyle is. This allows them to point out possible risks and habits otherwise unknown, that could aggravate the current condition. For example, checking in on an elderly patient will enable them to make sure that they are taking their medicines properly. 

Reduces Hospitalisations

Especially for the elderly, it can be very difficult or impossible for them to get to the doctor’s office. Because of this, they might not head to their doctor’s office even if they are experiencing some sort of discomfort or health-related issues. Their conditions could worsen to the point where they have to be hospitalized instead of simple treatment. This would increase their expenses from what it could have been and possibly reduces their quality of life. 

It Is Safer For Patients

House calls can be safer for those patients who are very old or immunocompromised, as, for them, a visit to the hospital may have the risk of catching an infectious disease is high. Instead, they do not have to worry about such threats from the safety of their own home. This is especially true during a time where COVID is a massive issue. 


As you can see, there are many advantages to home doctor visits. It is especially useful to the elderly and for those with hectic lives. It allows them to visit a doctor in the safety and comfort of their own home. It also allows them to save time as house calls tend to be more convenient and quicker than hospitals. House calls allow doctors to form connections with their patients and use the opportunity to provide high-quality care. 

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