3 Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ideas



Christmas is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It is one that unites all families and features all kinds of celebrations. The talk of celebrations during the yuletide season cannot be said to be complete without mentioning Christmas trees. It is a fact that what most people do regarding these items is that they go to the stores or malls and buy Christmas trees. 

However, not everyone has the funds for these trees. Even those who have the money may not always get the design that they want. Well, if you do not have the money or get the design that you want, that should not be a reason why you will not enjoy your Christmas. You can make use of these easy DIY Christmas tree ideas for yourself and the family.

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Optional DIY Christmas tree ideas are catchy, good-looking, and ideal for various types of spaces, from the smallest to the biggest. A good number of these ideas can be done very cheaply using repurposed materials that occur naturally or found all over the spaces in your home. 

Pine Cone DIY Christmas Trees

One nice thing about working with pine cones for Christmas trees, either miniature or massive ones. Pine cones occur naturally and you can truly spice up your festive season by making use of them. 

Items Needed

  • Brown construction paper or Styrofoam cone
  • Plastic planter (not compulsory)
  • Glue gun

Steps to Follow

Form the paper into the shape of a cone and then stuff it all over and inside using paper. Start layering the cones by using the bigger ones at the lower region and taper them with the smaller ones as you move up. 

Make use of the glue gun to fix them on the paper. Your finished tree will look every bit like a Christmas tree that you have always wanted. You can improve the decoration by adding lights, bows, flowers or glitter, or pretty much any other decorative item that you have to it. The outcome is going to be spectacular! 

Pallet DIY Christmas Tree Idea

As you might have guessed from the name, you are going to need about a dozen wooden pallets for this, or any number of pallets that you think will be perfect for you. You can include the twinkling and sparkling LED fairy lights to form the shape of a nice Christmas tree right on the pallet, you are free to express your creativity as you want. 

You can even take things to the next level by including a splash of paint or several ornaments to it meaning that you do not even need to cut. These kinds of DIY Christmas trees are excellent as outdoor decorative pieces. You can even crown it all with a twig star. You are also free to add another dimension to it with the inclusion of a set of ledge shelves. You should exercise a lot of caution when you go about sourcing for your pallets so you do not get injured. 

DIY Ornament Christmas Tree Concept

This is one of the most popular DIY Christmas tree ideas and a truly nice thing about this is that you are free to personalize and customize it as you like. You can form the ornaments in the shape of the tree whichever way you so decide. 

Some others even add another layer of creativity to it by including unused window screens so that they can fix the ornaments in place very easily and without stress. You are also able to make use of hot glue for the attachment of the ornaments on wood while some others prefer to make use of foam boards. There is no limit to the creative energy you can release. 


Christmas is always a time for merrymaking and Christmas trees are the most prominent part of this wonderful season. You do not have to spend a lot of money on buying overpriced Christmas trees. This is because you can easily make use of all the DIY suggestions given in this piece, alongside a massive burst of your creativity to come up with splendid Christmas trees. 

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