10 Odd Jobs That Make Good Money

Most people are used to familiar jobs, especially when it comes to high-paying professions. The exciting thing is that some weird or unique career paths pay a lot more than many even expect. You may not be aware of these very lucrative jobs, but by the time you are done with this piece, you will be familiar with them. 

  1. Hippotherapist: This is a job that fetches almost $31 per hour, and for those who do not know what the work is about, hippotherapy is a combination of therapy with the riding of horses. It is a kind of treatment that adults and kids can benefit from. It requires you to have the necessary certifications, especially with knowledge and skills concerning several types of disabilities. This job’s essence is to assist patients in improving their levels of interaction, socialization, and recreation alongside overall health status and mental performance. 
  2. Clinical Ethicist: Abortions, euthanasia, and cloning are some of the most controversial issues in the medical world. This is because of the huge ethical dilemmas that they present and that is where the clinical ethicists come into the picture. A clinical ethicist’s job is to give sentiment-free opinions on medically-controversial issues like the ones listed earlier. This helps doctors, caregivers, patients, and their families to make the best decisions. You will need a master’s degree or a doctorate in this field before you can bag the job. It pays well over $80,000 every year so it is a tidy one. 
  3. Podiatrist: This sounds stinky to some, but if you are a medical professional who focuses on the examination and even surgery of the lower limbs, ankles, and feet, then you can expect almost $112,000 in salary every year. Podiatrists have expert training in the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of abnormalities of the feet and they render assistance with the prevention and correction of all kinds of deformities. 
  4. Master Marijuana Extractor : This is going to come as a surprise to so many but this is a job that earns almost $85,000 every year. The job involves the processing of marijuana to produce oils, edibles, concentrates, and a host of other marijuana products. You will need to have a degree in the relevant field before being given the job as a master marijuana extractor. 
  5. Art Therapist: This is a profession that pays almost $50 on an hourly basis. Art therapy is an occupation the blends therapy with art as an outlet for creativity. Therapists utilize it as a method of healing. Those in health therapy assist the patients in coping with stress while improving their mental health. It is also a way by which patients can express themselves better, which is good for those who have issues with verbal expression. You will need to have the relevant certification in counseling or psychology alongside training in art before you can work as an art therapist. Art therapists can work in different fields and these include schools, private firms, and community centers. 
  6. Computer Hacker: Yes, many will shriek and scream upon seeing this but it is the fact. However, you need to know that we are talking of ethical hackers here. These are professional hackers who hack into computer systems for good purposes and nothing sinister or criminal. The earning can be over $100,000, so it is a very good, even if odd job. 
  7. Snugglers: This is pretty one of the weirdest job descriptions you will find out there but as long as it pays the bills, cool. Professional snugglers have no problems will snuggling up in bed with a total stranger. The pay varies depending on several factors, but some snugglers make thousands of dollars every month – excellent pay in most parts of the globe. 
  8. Bingo Manager: It is the job of a bingo manager to coordinate everything inside a casino. This is an exhilarating and genuinely unique profession on this list in that you do not need a college degree but have years of experience in the field is a major plus for anyone seeking the job. You will need to follow all the regulations put in place by the state and federal agencies, cope with and sort complaints from the customers, conclude the approval of jackpots and see the payouts. It is also part of your job to see to the needs of the casino workers and budgets. You can haul an impressive salary of over $53,000 a year as a bingo manager. 
  9. Flavorist: You will have to create all kinds of human-made and natural flavors in this job. You are going to be paid up to $35 per hour for all your efforts. Anyone who wants to work as a flavorist needs to have in-depth knowledge of flavor aromas, plant extracts, essences, and essential oils. Your job basically will be to come up with flavor combinations that people will passionately love. An advanced degree in biochemistry or chemistry is also needed alongside years of apprentice experience in flavor ventures. 
  10. Bereavement Coordinator: Even for a job that many consider being gloomy, being a bereavement coordinator can get you a decent salary that approaches $50,000 in a year. It is your duty as a bereavement coordinator to assist families with terminally ill patients or might have just lost beloved ones and are still in the mourning phase. Bereavement coordinators are responsible for coordinating everything from the documentations to the visits to all the appointments. The same thing applies to handling the funeral services or the supervision of the staff and volunteers so that the family does not have to face all the arduous tasks. Bereavement coordinators are typically seen working in nursing homes, hospitals, or hospices. 

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