You Are a “Pollitt” of Your Own Destiny: The Joshua Pollitt Story

Joshua Pollitt, Photo by Zachary Strazicich

This article is written by Shacquane’ Byrd , Lead Editor for East Coast Magazine

In the United States the young adults of our generation are making powerful moves to become financially independent. Some young adults expect for things to be handed to them on a silver platter becoming more in debt with careless spending. Until you have met Joshua Pollitt, you’ll never be able to understand how he happens to be one of those young adults making powerful moves to become financially independent in the world as we know it today.  For Joshua, he discovered during his high school years that he is the pilot of his own destiny.  From the way he walks and talks it is of no surprise that  Joshua has an intense spirit of urgency surrounding him. He also knows that the next day in life is never promised so because to this he makes every day count towards his progress for success

Since his teenage years, Joshua’s life had much potential and purpose.  He became the class president of his senior class as a junior at Hazleton Area High School before graduating in 2007. He has always been a person that people would look up to and towards him for leadership. He has engraved into the concrete of achievement an undergraduate degree with a B.S. in Organizational Communications from the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2012. This degree has helped him get into many doors that most people could only wish to walk through. To no avail,  it was at Mansfield University where he had his idea to start his own business.

It all began as stated in the latter, at Mansfield University he began writing for their newspaper titled the ‘Flashlight’. Throughout this temporal time as a columnist and journalist for the Flashlight is when he got the initial idea in starting his own newsletter. For Joshua the idea was very unselfish of him as instead of just writing about local issues he desired to reach a broader audience. He was always a big thinker growing up as a young man and he adapted the idea of thinking this way from reading “The Magic it Thinking Big”, authored by David Schwartz in high school. This is what led to his creation and becoming the founder of East Coast Magazine (ECM). Shortly after college he then decided to fully commit and focus his energy on his new business; ECM.

In 2017 at a Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. Interest meeting hosted at Rutgers University – Camden by his Prophyte and Fraternity niy brother in the bond Kris Smith is where Joshua came across Eric Gilchrist. Gilchrist now the CEO of ECM following the “2018 – 2019” CEO era under Joshua, he has been aiding him in running his business. He then recruited photographers, models, and writers to help build his brand which has branded the magazine to what it is 30 issues later. They began parting with HBCU to hold events and recruit more writers to their team. ECM has been through ups and like any company. What makes it different is Joshua has the ability to rebrand and rebuild anything. He also has done so with ECM.

Many people will ask “What is East Coast Magazine” and what does it stand for? For decades the cultural and societal realms of the vast East Coast have dominated the USA. Anything that is popular and trending most times within the US comes from the very people living on the East Coast; the Tri-State region to be exact. Within the structure of the magazine, there are five divisions (parts to a whole) of the East Coast. The headquarters which is the Tri-State Region according to Joshua which is the state of New York, New Jersey and Delaware sits as the core region of the East Coast. Josh felt that with his magazine he could highlight all the good things the East Coast is doing for the country. East Coast Magazine is independently owned thus it gives writers an opportunity to write about topics that other outlets would ignore or overlook.

At ECM, the company stands grounded on the importance of recognizing non-profits helping people within their communities. In more ways than one, we value our local heroes as they are much appreciated for the leadership sustained from Maine to Florida. In lieu of this, the magazine will go quite a distance and many lengths to acknowledge that often mainstream media would overlook certain topics.  ECM has been taking the initiative and fulfilling their altruistic ability in giving a voice to the voiceless. One of the magazine’s strong quotes that it does it’s best in showcasing to the public  is to “witness the wave.” Leading readers to believe that they should keep their eyes on this magazine as it grows.

In recent years East Coast Magazine have made major accomplishments. Just recently ECM held its anniversary in June celebrating two years in circulation. For the past two years they have had the opportunity in working with amazing people whilst posting out of this world content digitally.  From its first issue release in June of 2018, the cover has highlighted people from the ranks of possessing celebrity status in the Hollywood industry, to rising music artists, professional sports athletes, fitness coaches, Greek fraternities as well as models. ECM’s most iconic cover was the “July 2020” issue featuring Fredro Starr from the famous Hip Hop group Oynx on the front. He was also an actor on the hit family sitcom Moesha playing her long term boyfriend “Q”.  This cover established ECM in the running to be a well respected magazine especially for its short run being off ground for only two years strong. Once this was posted it immediately opened new doors for Joshua Pollitt and his team at ECM.  Since July East Coast Magazine has grown and published more unique content.

It begins to be a belief that East Coast Magazine is on its way to becoming everyone’s favorite read. Not just of locals but by people across the USA. With its trending content, it is up to date with what is going around the world. Often times they have monthly based articles.  Some of the content provided gives off a  political non biased approach thus allowing the readers to decide for themselves on what to believe. ECM also highlights the disabled community with one its loyal writers being disabled giving us a firsthand experience through his eyes.  Within the wide variety of columns that the magazine provides. There exists the  “Adulating 101”section which sheds light on different topics adults face in their daily lives. It’s the necessity of articles such as these which give people the proper tips to cope with a pandemic and guidance when engulfing into online dating. Amongst the other important columns of the magazine, there is an amazing and controversial Sports section ran by our one and only Director and Senior Editor of our sports department Jordyn Bennett. He guides a wonderful team of writers that tie in mental health along with sports. Unlike most magazines that separate the two categories, East Coast Magazine gives readers the full 360 visual.  I then asked Joshua where he saw ECM in five years’ time and his response was just this:

“I see East Coast Magazine in many places five years from now. I see it as a major publication for many people and businesses. I also see ECM as a known magazine in the magazine world especially the digital world. I can even see ECM verified on Instagram as well as other social media platforms where we have a presence on.”

On a personal level ECM has helped push Joshua further into his destiny. The magazine alone with the characteristics of Joshua has helped him become more influential as a person in life towards his peers as well as others who come across his path from day to day. Before ECM, family and friends would always come to him for advice. Now that he is a business man even more people are reaching out to him for advice on personal level. Some others have reached out to him on a personal level and he has given them advice about their business. He is also part of a Kappa Greek Fraternity. Joshua mentors college students and recent graduates. He gives inspirational quotes on his Twitter and Instagram account and people respond or inbox him saying how he inspired them. He is making small ripples but no doubt we will witness the wave of Joshua.  I asked him where he sees himself in 5 years.

He said. “In 5 years, I see myself married with children. I see myself in the 100 million dollar net-worth bracket. I also see myself getting into politics as major influencer within the American community.”

Joshua Pollitt is someone who the world will soon know who he is.  I asked him if he had any advice for the readers.  He told me “always do your best with your discipline and to keep your focus as well as value time. Always know that no matter what there are four major directions in life and to just keep going; you’ll figure it out sooner or later. When you do figure it out, stick to it and teach someone else who was once in your position trying to “figure it out. Pay it forward at all costs!” This summarizes who Joshua is. He is also someone who is pilot of his own destiny. His focus is clear on where he is going and what do once he reaches his destination. He continues to pay it forward with East Coast Magazine and his daily life. He is someone who turned his life into the light to help others see in the dark.   “Life is good when you want it to be” – Joshua Pollitt

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