Why the Stomach Gets Bigger As We Age: 7 Causes And Solutions


Everyone these days want to have a toned physique. Getting your waist trim is particularly significant, as that is what’s in plain view when setting off to the seashore. But this dream becomes difficult to achieve as a person’s age increase. However, don’t let your age keep you down. You can keep up a toned stomach even you get older. It is even easier to do if you were fit in your mid-fifties or sixties.

Belly Fat in Women

Women are called the beautiful half of humanity for their beauty, soulfulness, harmony, both external and internal. The young ladies who attract admiring glances are slender, energetic, with appetizing forms. It can take a lot of effort to look great. 

But, unfortunately, they do not always lead to the desired results. As they age, there is a significant increase in body volume, in particular, the expansion of the waist. It is normally due to menopause and decreased estrogen levels. 

Belly Fat in Men

An expansion in tummy fat is a typical thing for aging men. Due to the loss of muscle mass in men as they get older, their metabolism slows down. It ultimately leads to weight gain. The fat will in general gather in the mid-region because occasionally fat cells in the arms and legs lose their capacity to store fat, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic.

Common Reasons and Solutions For An Increase In Belly Fat 

1.      Stress

Many scientific studies show that stress is the primary cause of most diseases. The usual mental dissatisfaction, lack of positive emotions, struggle under the sun, upsets the emotional balance of any person. Under stress, a storm of emotions causes a violation of the energy shell in a person.

 As a result, the body instructs the physical body to defend itself: it needs armor, and the body creates a shield for its organs, that is, the “tummy” grows. 


Our friends and loved ones are an inexhaustible source of positive emotions and our protection in bad weather. It is necessary to spend free time together, in good company, saturating yourself and others with positive emotions as much as possible. 

2.      Bad Habits

Among the reasons for the appearance of excess deposits on the waist, which can be influenced independently and consciously, are bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, stimulants (coffee and energy drinks) disrupt the nutritional balance, metabolism in the body; increase the excretion of vitamins and microelements. All this leads to the disruption of the body organs and systems and consequently leads to the fats deposit. 


Rejection of bad habits is the only solution. You can do this by joining drugs and alcohol recovery programs that are available in your region.

3.      Sleep Disorder 

We have been given by nature a protective mechanism that restores tissues and the strength of the body. While sleeping, the brain does a great job: it restores the correct train of thought, finds a solution to the assigned tasks, and checks the work of the whole organism. In turn, it cleans and repairs all organs and systems. But when there is a sleeping disorder, there is no cleaning which leads to fat gain.


Good sleep helps not only to eliminate stress but also restores general physical health and mental balance of the body.

4.      Physical Activity

In the era of technological progress, many adaptations simplify our life. There is no need to do heavy physical work around the house. Means of communication, the Internet replace direct communication during meetings, games, and walks.

As a result, our muscles do not receive a load for the harmonious development of the physical body. The unused calories from food are then stored “in reserve.” 


Move, communicate, and play in the fresh air. You can also start with some easy exercises at home. 

5.      Malnutrition 

Often, the modern rhythm of life dictates its nutritional conditions: these are snacks with high-calorie, sandwiches, processed foods with flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and stimulating drinks. We do not get enough fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and therefore there is a lack of vitamins and microelements. The emerging imbalance leads to the accumulation of surplus, the formation of adipose tissue. 


You need full-fledged food, with a sufficient amount of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, seafood, dairy, and meat products. Replace snacks with a full meal but do not overeat. Drink a sufficient amount of water.

6.      Endocrine Changes

As a person grows up, all internal organs change, and the endocrine system is no exception. Moreover, sooner or later it may fail. Violations can be triggered by the production of hormones in excess of the norm during pregnancy, childbirth, or problems with the thyroid gland. 

Genetic characteristics, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, sleep disorders, nutrition, which also affect hormonal levels, should not be ruled out. Fortunately, some can be corrected. 


You can get a consultation and possible treatment under the guidance of a doctor. 

7.      Oncological Disorders

Some diseases like cancers and tumors can significantly impact the body. Some of them can provoke a spontaneous gain of fat mass. But more often such diseases are also accompanied by other symptoms. 


Do not neglect consultation with specialists. Moreover, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible if there is a suspicion of the disease since early detection of the disease increases the chances of a speedy recovery. 


Do not despair and wind up yourself about imperfect forms, it is better to try known methods to combat this unpleasant phenomenon. So, the main thing that solves many health problems makes us slim, active, and full of strength at any age is mental balance, stress resistance, full sleep, and high-quality rest with memorable events filled with positive emotions. 

Physical activity, better in the fresh air and the pleasant company; having freshly prepared wholesome healthy food in moderation without preservatives, flavor enhancers, and sweeteners; preventive examination, medical supervision can help control belly fat. 

They say we only live once. Nature gave us a physical body as a gift, but our task is to take care of it. Moreover, there are enough resources that can help you understand this issue and stay always healthy. The main thing is our desire and a little effort. 

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