Why Hiring a Private Car Service is No Longer a Luxury


Recently, there has been debate about private car service and whether it’s a necessary expense. With the proliferation of transportation apps that offer car services, many companies are wondering if they should continue paying for premium cars for their employees.

Given today’s economic realities, this is an incredibly legitimate question. To qualify as tax-deductible, the IRS requires businesses to demonstrate that expenses are both ordinary and necessary. IRS defines an ordinary expense as one that’s common and generally accepted in your industry as such. On the other hand, a necessary expense refers to an expenditure that is appropriate and helpful for your business or trade.

So, does a private car service gives you value compared to its cost? In this article, we will tell you reasons why many companies treat private car service as ordinary and necessary expenditure.

Extraordinary Customer Service

It can be a real hassle to schedule a rental car, especially if there is a change of plans or flight delay. With a professional private car service, you have more than a couple of points of contact. You can generally contact these companies through online chat, email, and chat with a live agent.

Also, private car services like Lavish Ride will constantly monitor your flight and adjust to the travel schedule changes. Therefore, if you want to transport a group of travelers, you just need to approach a private car service with fleets of executive vans, motorcoach, and mini coach services.

Reliability and Safety 

Hiring a private chauffeur with a high-performing and maintained vehicle is paramount if you want your employee to attend a business meeting without hassle. Whether you are sending out an executive to an important meeting, bringing in a top-cadre candidate for a job interview, or flying in an investor, you don’t want to mess with anything.

With a private car service, you can greatly reduce the chances of arriving late for your meeting due to traffic delays or any unexpected event. You also don’t have to worry about a mechanical breakdown.

A professional chauffeur operates modern, clean, and safe executive vehicles that guarantee you the comfort and also the safety of your employees, clients, and investors. This lessens the stress associated with travel and at the same time keeps your travelers in the best shape and ready for any kind of meeting.

Office on Wheels

One of the hallmarks of a private car service is that it offers travelers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In turn, this creates a perfect atmosphere for employees to conduct business even when they are in transit. They can also attend online meetings via Zoom, make phone calls, prepare documents, and check and respond to emails. Also, this ambient atmosphere offers your executives a place to relax after that long flight.

When you hire a private car for your employees, they feel productive right from the time they get into the car. Upon arriving at their meeting or workplace, they can head straight for work and tackle the job at hand in the best way possible.

Your Image Matters

Nowhere is the saying that you have only one chance to make an impression more important than when it comes to the kind of transportation you choose for your business executives.

When you hire a car with a private chauffeur, you will be conveying a sense of class, elegance, and professionalism. For your employee, it makes them feel valued, loved and appreciated by your company. If the nature of the journey is such that the traveler has to stop severally along the journey, you can count a corporate car service to maintain their sense of importance as well as convey a professional outlook for your company.

And if your employee or employees are not familiar with the area, you just need to hire a private car company to get them around without worrying about parking or navigating traffic. Also, they won’t need to use a taxi when getting to their hotel or the venue of the meeting. Private chauffeurs know the local routes, weather conditions, and also traffic conditions of the roads in their locale. They will know the alternative roads to use to take you to your destination without delay. Also, a chauffeur will meet your employee at the airport and even help them with their luggage. Also, they will ensure that they travel to the conference or hotel without hassle.

Your employee need not be an experienced Driver

When the trip involves going to a foreign country, your employee must have an international driving experience. Now, driving in other countries might be tougher than it is in the US. Some countries have bad roads that are in stark contrast to the driving in the leafy suburbs. There is even a chance that some streets can become impossible to read due to the language used there.

A Private Car Service comes in handy for businesses that want to send their employees to overseas countries. They will not be concerned about the documentation required such as an international driving license. It doesn’t make sense to apply for these documents especially if the employee is only visiting for a couple of days.

Verdict: Hiring a Private Car Service is A Necessity 

While some people might think that it is a luxury to hire a private car as opposed to a taxi, the truth of the matter is that this is indeed a necessary and ordinary expense. There are so many advantages that a business gets when it sends its employee in a chauffeur-driven car as opposed to a taxi. A private chauffeur is a professional who can be identified by the manner of their dressing. They ooze class, professionalism, and elegance and this is just what you need when attending a meeting with a potential investor.

When you want hassle-free transportation of your employees to that important meeting, you can count on the guys at Lavish Ride to deliver your man or woman on time and with class. We have highly trained chauffeurs with perfectly maintained vehicles that guarantee your travelers comfort and style. If you want to show class and elegance, you know we can do that and more. Smartly dressed, our chauffeurs are courteous and will even help you with other things like finding the meeting venues and loading your luggage. Call us today to book a private car service.

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