Why do Exes Come Back When You Have Moved On?

Relationships are some of the most exciting things in the lives of human beings. This is because it is full of so many phases, and some of these phases will leave you wondering what is truly going on. When a relationship dies, the usual thing is for the two sides to move on. But then there is that mysterious time when an ex returns, even when it is clear that you have moved on and do not want them anymore. 

When an ex returns, it is usually observed that he or she returns with a starvation mindset and a deep need for validation. At this point, you have already most likely gone through all the stages of a breakup and you are more than happy that your mental anguish is over already. If you are a logical thinker steeped in rationality, your brain will keep alerting you of the need to stay away from the same person that brought you so much emotional trauma. Your brain will also tell you to look ahead and work towards more excellent opportunities in life. 

You will know that you are in a better place when you are no longer obsessed with your ex’s past relationship, who never benefitted you in any positive way or manner. At this stage, you will be a lot more reliant and dependent on yourself for your joy and happiness and not on your ex. That said, we will now dig deeper into understanding why exes keep returning even when it is clear that you have moved on. 

Once you have chosen to move on, an ex will be relegated to your past for good. You will realize that you can focus on things that truly matter and are essential to your life. You will never worry yourself about an ex as it will become a trivial matter for you. 

At that point, you are going to be happy and joyous with yourself and the achievements you have managed to earn ever since you two went your separate ways. As long as you have adequately worked on yourself and analyzed your personality, an ex returning when you have moved on with your life will be like rebuilding a house. 

It would help if you realized that the foundation has to be rebuilt while good habits have to replace the toxic ones. If an ex comes back, you must also ascertain if they are determined to be better and even deserve a second chance. It would be best if you put all these things into consideration so that you do not end up getting burnt the second time emotionally. 

There are some instances when people genuinely learn from their errors and are ready to let go of past mistakes, but you have to be sure. If you are uncertain about anything, then do not proceed. When an ex tries to make a comeback, you need to ask yourself if the person is doing so out of selfish agenda or if they are with good intentions. 

Many factors trigger an ex to return. Some others return because they are needy and some do so because of insecurity. Some others choose to return because they are scared about being dumped or abandoned by another person. Some even get excessively attached to you not out of love but because they just got jilted by another person. 

Now that you know why exes decide to come back even after it is apparent that you have moved on, you will learn how to react correctly whenever you find yourself in such a scenario. In whatever you do, never forget that you must put your interest first too. Do not let others run over you with their selfish agendas. Take time to analyze everything correctly, and be sure that you know precisely your ex’s motivation to return. Some are returning to inflict more harm and destabilize you, while some others sincerely want the good times back and work on the relationship. You have to consider all the factors involved before you make a final decision. 

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