What to Do When You Feel Sad and Don’t Know Why?

Many people think that there must be a reason for it whenever someone is sad, but reality is much different. There are many instances in which one will be sad and have no explanation of why the mood has suddenly turned gloomy. Depression can happen to many people and they will not even be aware of it but unexplained sadness can be the cause. You may notice that you do not feel right or you feel weird but you may not be mindful of incoming depression. 

Why You May Not Be Able to Pinpoint Reason for the Sadness

 There are numerous reasons why someone can experience sorrow and not even know why it is happening. You may not even be considering depression, or you can even brush aside the prominent symptom. Some do this out of denial or the perceived shame that may be associated with the condition. There are some who may be considering other different things. 

Studies have shown that the following are some of the reasons why you may feel very sad without any apparent explanation for you: 

  • Suffering Depression: For those who have been depressed for extended periods, you may not feel any difference. This is particularly the case with those who have been undergoing depression even when they were kids. 
  • Slow-Growing Condition: A case of depression is one that creeps up gradually over time. So this explains why some do not even notice it when the symptoms take over. You may not even be aware of the fact that your condition is changing drastically. 
  • Lack of Feelings of Sadness: You may not experience grief as such. Hence, you may not even think that you can be a victim of depression. The truth is that depression can come in several ways apart from an intense feeling of sadness. You can even experience weakness, lethargy, or general apathy but not shed a single tear or even feel sad. 
  • You Feel Bad Internally: For some people, if they feel weird, they can assume that it is just one of those things. For this reason, they do not feel the need to dig deeper to know what the real condition is and whether there will be a need to get a solution. 
  • Lackaidiscal View Regarding Mental Health: Some cultural practices do not make it easy for people to appreciate grief. There are some areas where those around you can even stigmatize you, and that will only add to the confusion. 

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one of the primary reasons people feel sad, and they are not sure of the deep underlying cause. If you notice that you have been experiencing many of the symptoms discussed in this section for a minimum of 14 days, you may be a victim of depression. 

The main symptoms of depression include agitation, anger, anxiety, irritability, and weird swings in the mood so that others get worried. There are also dramatic changes in your weight or appetite. Some can gain a lot of weight in the process while others lose weight due to the reduction in appetite. 

There can also be feelings of weakness, malaise, or lethargy, and this is in addition to a striking feeling of emptiness and gloom. Some people have reported feeling useless, incredibly guilty or even hopeless as the case may be. It is also noticed that they lose interest in things that they once loved greatly. For example, someone who loves cooking before will start detesting going into the kitchen or having anything to do with cooking. 

There is also the possibility of having pains and body aches with no apparent cause. They can also have issues with memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions. Sleep issues like excessive sleeping or inability to sleep as in insomnia or problems with speech or mobility are also possible. It is also not strange to see that some people will be interested in suicide and death. 

Getting a Diagnosis 

Now that you are experiencing blues and are not sure, then it is vital to get the correct medical diagnosis from a professional. This is even very good, because you may be suffering from depression. You have to book an appointment with your doctor and discuss the issue. The proper diagnosis is made, and you will be able to get the help and medical attention that you need. 

Treatment Options

If it so happens that the cause of your sadness is depression or even another medical condition, there are several options for treatment that can be utilized. The exact type of treatment plan that will be given to you will depend on the kind of diagnosis made and the intensity of the symptoms you are confronted with. 

Pharmacological Therapy

If the diagnosis is depression, then it is a standard procedure for the physician to recommend antidepressants. These are drugs that are specially made to help with cases of depression. There are various kinds of depressants, and the exact one that will be administered to you will depend on the condition or nature of the depression that you are going through. 

Psychological Therapy

There will be some other instances in which there will be the need to have an appointment with the psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or other licensed mental health expert who is good at handling unexplained sorrow cases. They usually apply cognitive therapy to patients.

Whichever mode you decide to go for, what you must tell yourself at all times is that your condition is treatable, and you must seek help. The most important thing is that it is nothing to be ashamed of, and your mental health must always come first in all you do. Countless people in various parts of the globe cope with one mental issue or the other, and that is not news – there is help from experts, and you can benefit from it too. 

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