What to do If Someone Ends a Relationship without Explanations

Self Worth

Love is like a double-edged sword; it can be exceedingly pleasurable while also heartbreaking. When we fall in love with or enter a relationship with someone, we do so with the assumption or assurance that we are going to be safe emotionally with the person and that our hearts will not be shattered to pieces. 

But there are times when a relationship ends most horrifically, one in which your partner walks out without saying a word or even giving you any explanations whatsoever. In such a case, you do not even get to hear from your partner saying you both have to talk about ending the relationship or even making any attempt to explain the circumstances that led to the ending of the relationship in the first instance. 

This is not a new thing at all, and it happens in a lot of relationships, even more than you may want to imagine or assume. It is so rampant that there is even a term for it: ghosting. This is the act of disappearing totally or simply vanishing from the life of someone that you were recently intimate with. It is a trend that is on the rise and has even happened to some people on more than one occasion – they fall in love, all seems to be going well but then the partner vanishes without giving any explanation whatsoever. 

Even though some people try to justify this, the fact of the matter here is that someone abandoning the other partner without explaining is not a good thing at all. It simply means that the partner has no consideration or respect for the other person and it is even a reflection of immaturity. 

Also, unlike what some think, ghosting is not done by males alone. Women also do it and it is even more prevalent in this age of technology. Today, one can end a relationship no matter how intense it has been or even for how long with just one click or even just blocking the person. 

Understanding the Basis of Ghosting

No rule says that you must explain to someone before leaving them. No one even compels us to have that last discussion to outline the reasons for taking such an action. When we enter into a relationship with someone, it is not a business contract that means we must explain why we do not feel any love for the person again or why the relationship had come to an abrupt end. This can sound cold, but that is nothing but the truth. 

There are no rules for an emotional relationship and there are no guidelines whatsoever on what should be done or avoided. But even with all this, as humans, we must at least adhere to a sense or code of ethics, emotional respect, courage and maturity. We are not born with these characteristics, and we have to learn them all with time as we grow up. 

Coping with Ghosting

The first thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that no abandonment comes without agenda or motives even if you do not fully understand them. It would then help if you also came to the realization and acceptance that ghosting happens far more frequently than you would like to imagine. For these reasons, we must know how to cope with, handle, and respond but most crucially, survive these cases. Here are some steps you can take when a partner ends your relationship for no good reason. 

Accept the Reality

All the signs are there, even if many do not want to come to terms with reality. Your calls are not responded to, your messages are ignored, and you are blocked everywhere. From days to weeks, you realize there is no communication, no form of contact, not to even talk of presence. Even those who are close to the person do not give you explanations. 

Even with all these glaring pieces of evidence, some simply cannot come to realize that the other person has moved on with life and has ended the relationship. At this point, you do not have to torture yourself any longer psychologically; you have to accept reality and move on too. It can be hard at first, but you will realize that that is the best move you ever made. 

Do the Validation

At this stage, you have to let yourself realize that you took the right step. You also accept the pain, cry if necessary but do not blame yourself for anything. Take things easy with yourself and validate your actions. 

Work on Yourself 

No matter what happens, life has to continue, and you will have to focus on healing yourself emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. You must make sure that you are not concentrating or living in the past. It would help if you did not worry about things that could have been at all. Be bold and courageous as you accept the reality of your new state. The pain of a breakup is an emotional one, but it can be healed like other forms of pain.

Concentrate on making sure that your dignity is intact, and you remain resilient as you try to pass through this challenging phase of yours. As you take this step, you will realize that you will move away from the pains of the past.

Do not hold any resentment or hurt in your heart. Focus on the best part of yourself, your goals for the future, and before you know it, you will be bubbling with life and excitement once again. The point here is that even someone leaving you without giving any explanation is not the end of your life. Through everything, you must tell yourself is that nothing should be placed above your welfare and psychological well-being. 

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