What Can You Do With a Hospital Management Degree: A Breakdown

The healthcare management market’s set to hit $400 billion in the next seven years. Even better, the median pay for a healthcare management position’s $100,980 a year. That means there’s potential to make even more than that.

Among an $11.9 trillion global healthcare industry, it makes sense that healthcare management positions are in high demand. While hospital management degrees and healthcare management degrees are similar, it’s good to know their differences.

If you’ve wondered, What can you do with a hospital management degree? the answer is a lot! It depends on how and where you prefer to work.

Here’s what to know about all things healthcare management.

What Can You Do With a Hospital Management Degree?

Unlike undergraduate degrees where 20-50% of people declare indecision, hospital management degrees promise direction. Since most college students change their majors at least once, wouldn’t it be nice to land on something concrete?

How to Get a Hospital Management Degree

Hospital management degrees suggest working at a hospital, though healthcare management degrees don’t limit you to that.

Still, hospital management degrees and healthcare management degrees both require completion of a master’s program. While there are many positions for these degrees, there are two common routes.

If you’re not sure yet about a hospital management degree, a healthcare management degree can lead you there. You can choose healthcare management or healthcare administration.

As each suggests, healthcare management oversees facilities, operations, and systems, whereas healthcare administration:

  • Recruits, hires, and trains staff
  • Organizes health services
  • Monitors budgets
  • Influences policies

Depending on the specific job, you may find the roles intersect. If you like to wear many hats, these careers are for you.

Using Your Healthcare Management Degree

Before you choose a profession, learn what’s best for you. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I prefer working with people or behind the scenes?
  2. Do I prefer administrative tasks or overseeing operations?
  3. How can I best impact the system?

Once you have your answers, it’s time to apply them. Healthcare management degrees translate into four main subsects.

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory positions 
    • Overseeing surgical facilities, clinics, or hospitals
  • Nursing and residential care
  • Government 

You might choose to use technology like this app to change people’s access to healthcare.

If you’re still questioning, What can you do with a hospital management degree? the answer depends on you! You’ll do well in this field if you’re:

  1. A born leader
  2. A critical thinker
  3. Adaptable
  4. Solutions-oriented
  5. Industry knowledge

If you have these skills and proper education, ample opportunities await you in healthcare.

Empowered Living Through Healthcare Management

Healthcare’s one of the largest, most human-dependent industries out there. If you’re called to get a hospital management degree, you could help an endless number of people.

Master’s degrees ensure job security. Among the high demand in healthcare management, that’s something you won’t have to worry about.

No more questioning, What can you do with a hospital management degree? Go for it!

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