What All Has Cosmos Taught Me?


The universe is BIG. How big?

Well, bigger than anything I, you, or anyone could possibly conceive, let alone imagining it. What people can see in the skies above is just a teeny-tiny glimpse of how vast the rest of the universe is. Just to put perspective into our plate, there are more stars in the known universe than sand grains on our planet (pheww..!)

When I was a child, I absolutely loved looking up at the night sky. I would often find myself just completely lost in awe of our unfathomably-vast seemingly-endless universe. As I stared, my feelings of wonder gave way to curiosity to further explore the ‘unknown’. I wanted to travel the cosmos, see those beautiful star systems up close, and explore the alien worlds we hear all-time in the news. Perhaps, the most powerful force that drives my passion for space goes beyond science and technology. Space exploration gives me an entirely new perspective in both the ontological and philosophical ways.

We Are One!

Humans are slaves to their own minds and judgments. We create borders and separate ourselves based on differences in race, faith, religion, psychographics, opinions, political beliefs, and even nationality. However, when we travel to space and look back at our home planet, we realize our ‘borders’, our perpetual differences don’t really matter. Instead, all those differences on our planet, made by us, seamlessly blend together into one beautiful synergetic whole. Looking deeper into the cosmos shows us first-hand how difficult it is to establish and maintain life in the universe. It persuades us to think on a higher plane. To survive in the void of space, or even another planet, we must work together leaving behind our psychological and physical differences and ignoring international borders. We have to ignore the minor and arbitrary differences that separate us and instead unite on our common hopes, dreams, and humanity. This all inspires me to work hard on this planet so that I, and you, and all of us, can be, one day, of this planet for the better.

Perfectionism Does Not Exists.

The apparent irregularity and chaos in the universe have taught that there is no thing as ‘perfect’ in the world. More importantly, one should strive to achieve perfection. And as the famous adage goes, Perfect things aren’t real. Real things aren’t perfect.

I Am Not Alone; And Neither Are You.

Gazing at stars reminds me that I am connected to this universe. I am just the universe’s way of looking at itself. This universe is my cosmic ancestor. If not all, most of the material that we are made of was once a part of ancient stars. Those ancient stars died so that a new, distinct, and conscious life can thrive. A branch of that unique life is called human life.

Universe is alive in us, and we are alive in universe.

I Am Lit.

Stars have taught me that we don’t have to pull each other down just because we want to shine more. Stars don’t have any rivalry among them. They just shine in their own spaces and light-up everything in the surrounding. One should live life as a star as well, radiating positiveness, love, and tranquility.

Lastly, Cosmos has taught me that behind every delightful and appealing creation of nature today, there was a disordered and a violent past of unfortunate events. Beauty and love are in everything (like literally, can’t stress on this anymore) and one must hold beauty in this their ‘perspective’ eyes to experience it.

Keep Looking Up!

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