Web Watchers: Designing an eCommerce Website


Website design is an integral part of any company’s digital strategy. A well-designed website speaks volumes about a company and its image, and an online presence is a must for any company hoping to see success in today’s business world. Luke Battiloro, the founder of Vavoom Vodka, has extensive experience with web design and online marketing for e-commerce brands. He offers some insight into the value of web design and how to optimize your e-commerce website to attract more customers online.

It’s important to recognize the value and the impact that a website has on potential customers. Not unlike poor customer service, bad website design can hurt a company’s effectiveness in interacting with its customers. Battiloro describes the website of an online company as its storefront.

“It’s a company’s digital front door and should put the company’s best food forward. A well-designed ecommerce storefront can make or break a business, no matter what product or service line you’re in. If it’s not user friendly, no one’s going to want to buy a thing,” says Battiloro.

The best way to create an effective website for your business is to stick to the basics, without over-complicating its design. Battiloro recommends looking at other sites and competitors in your market and following the mold that fits your business. The best method for ecommerce design is a clean and straightforward look that’s simple to navigate. Another tip from Battiloro is not to integrate pop-ups that inundate customers as they travel through the online store. Pop-ups bog down the user experience, so using the tool sparingly will improve the user experience for your potential customers.

“Put key products on the homepage,” says Battiloro. “People don’t want to read about your product. They want to see it in action, and they want to see themselves in the product. When you convey that on your website, that is a big deal.

A successful e-commerce website does not only sell products, it helps customers better understand your company and identify with your brand. A customer that shares their positive experience on your site with others is worth more than anything you can invest in digital advertising to support your brand.

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