Wash@Home: A Revolutionary New Laundry Service


The $40 billion US laundry industry is ripe for reinvention. Wash@Home’s groundbreaking new app enables busy parents and professionals (Washees) to ditch their dirty linen, while simultaneously providing exciting earning opportunities for Washers and Couriers.

How Does It Work?

Wash@Home’s innovative, easy-to-navigate app enables Washees to offload their laundry in a few straightforward steps. Clients simply add laundry items to their basket, select collection and delivery times and locations that suit them, then complete the checkout process.

With collections and deliveries between 7am and 11pm and expedited services available, Wash@Home makes outsourcing laundry a breeze. Wash@Home takes the load off customers’ shoulders, freeing them from laundry day and enabling them to spend their time the way they choose, rather than being tied to their washing machine.

According to laundry statistics, the average US household completes between 8 to 10 laundry loads every week, with each load taking up to 87 minutes from wash to dry. Just 21% of US families have access to a clothesline, making drying laundry a significant problem for many.

Available for free download via the App Store and Google Play, the five-star Wash@Home app enables users to leverage the power of laundry to make or save money. Wash@Home has reinvented the laundry process to make it less of a burden and more of an opportunity, providing a convenient service that works around the schedules of its busy clients.

Whether users seek to make money on the move, from the comfort of their own home, or arrange to have laundry washed and delivered at their convenience, Wash@Home’s secure app provides a seamless service from start to finish. Incentives include:

  • A wide range of laundry solutions to meet individual customer needs
  • Commissions for referring friends to the service.
  • Better value than local launderette services
  • Flexible collection and delivery times
  • Regular updates on order progress
  • An in-app messaging service
  • A 24-hour express delivery option

Wash@Home’s secure checkout service accepts a variety of payment methods, including Apply Pay, PayPal and Android Pay, as well as credit and debit card payments.

Wash@Home’s Response to COVID-19

Wash@Home is committed to robust corporate social responsibility strategies. To that end, the company confirmed in a statement published on its website that it will not request or claim WC-DBL to eliminate the grievance from the government as much as possible. Furthermore, Wash@Home has also pledged to pay and protect the full salary of any employee forced to take leave during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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