Virgo Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

The middle of the week might be a good time for singles to try to develop a lasting relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Singles may need to refrain from seeking to enjoy physical pleasures in the initial stages of the relationship. This may send the wrong signal, regarding integrity and commitment, in a newly-found love relationship. Married folks may have a pleasant and enjoyable time with their life-partner. On the family front, you may be inclined to spend, to make them feel happy. During this phase, no issue on the relationship front may cause you any concern.


During this phase, the movements of major planets may support students pursuing their graduation. These students might be focused on academics for most of the time, which allows them to learn things well and memorize their concepts effectively. Students pursuing graduation might do well to keep their cool and keep away from distraction in order to make good progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may be distracted mid-week, thus affecting their performance.


Planetary movements indicate that things may not look too well, on the health front. You may need to remain much more careful when it comes to your health. Beware, for even a minor issue if not treated properly may lead to further complications. Middle-aged and above folks may be faced by some joint pain. You might do well to focus on physical fitness and get involved in some physical activity.


Planetary movements suggest that you stay away from taking any financial risks to increase your income. Be patient, as around midweek, you may get some opportunity to make handsome monetary gain. You may, however, need to keep your cool if you want to make said gain. There may be no major expenses, as indicated by planetary movements. However, beware of domestic expenses. You may not be able to save much.


During this phase, Mercury rules Virgo, and also holds the portfolio of the tenth house, which is linked with the occupation. Hence the movement of Mercury might be of great importance to you. Currently, Mercury is moving in retrograde mode, which indicates that there may be some uncertainty. Businessmen may need to keep their cool and have patience. There may not be any major deal during this phase. However, small deals may keep the businessmen’s hopes alive. Salaried individuals may be committed to perform effectively, in order to increase their output. If they do so, there may be better chances of placement or a hike in salary.

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