Unusual Uses for Cookie Cutters

Bakers turn to cookie cutters when they want a treat for their family or friends. As these cutters come in so many shapes and sizes, a baker can make a different cookie every day of the year without repeating. However, these kitchen pieces work in a variety of situations. What are some other ways people can use cookie cutters?


Imagine surprising your kids with eggs cut into shapes rather than being round and boring. Ann Clark Cookie Cutters work perfectly for this purpose. Surprise the kids with eggs cut into the shape of a cat or dog to announce the addition of a new pet to the family, or wake your significant other up on Valentine’s Day with eggs cut into the shape of hearts. The ideas are truly endless, thanks to the many styles available today.

Stamps for Kids

Carrying out tasks on a holiday always seems to take more time when the kids are underfoot. Give them a craft to do while you get your chores done. Take a potato and cut it in half. Choose a cookie cutter related to the holiday and press it into the cut edge of the potato until it sits flush with the potato. Take a knife and cut away the outer portion of the potato to uncover the cutter. Carefully remove the cookie cutter, leaving the cut potato behind. Dip the potato into paint and use it to stamp paper or another material. Kids may make placemats for use at a family meal or create gift wrap for an upcoming holiday. These are only two of many ways the stamps can decorate items for a holiday.

Napkin Rings

Cookie cutters make great napkin rings and can be changed out to suit the occasion. In addition, a person may wish to use a cookie cutter as a gift at a wedding or baby shower. Allow every person to take their cookie-cutter napkin ring home as a memento of the event. They remember the day every time they use the cookie cutter to make treats.


Some people enjoy making candles at home. Other men and women are trying this activity for the first time. Cookie cutters provide an excellent form for tea candles. Use parchment paper to cover a sheet and carefully set a candlewick in the center of the cookie cutter. Heat the candle wax, allow it to cool slightly, and pour it into the cookie cutter while holding it steady. You’ll have gorgeous tea candles in less time than you imagined possible when you use the cutters to provide the form.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cookie cutters make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. Take some scrapbook paper and lay the cookie cutter on the paper. Trace around the outside edge and cut the shape out of the paper. Attach this paper to the back of the cookie cutter using your preferred method, attach a string, and hang the decorated cookie cutter on the tree. If you need the cookie cutter for other purposes, hang the paper cutout on the tree by itself. When this method is used, some people use balsa or another material that is easy to cut and decorate once they have cut the shape with the help of the cookie cutter.

Pumpkin Carving

Carve an amazing pumpkin that others will envy with the help of cookie cutters. Take the cookie cutter and gently hammer it into the pumpkin using a rubber mallet. Stars work great for the eyes, but they are only one of the countless options thanks to the range of cookie cutters available today. Using this method, anyone can have a unique pumpkin in very little time.

Sun Catchers

Children can only play outside for so long when the temperatures drop. When they come inside to warm up, keep them occupied with an activity. Choose some cookie cutters, lay them in a shallow tray, fill them with water, and freeze. Put a string at the top before the water freezes so the sun catcher can be hung outside. The tray may be placed outside if the temperatures are low enough, or it may be placed in the freezer if it is too warm outside for them to freeze. Once the mold has frozen solid, hang the sun catchers outside where they will remain until they melt.

Meat and Cheese Tray

Why settle for a boring meat and cheese tray when the food can be dressed up with the help of cookie cutters? Take deli meat and cheese and cut them into a variety of shapes to suit the occasion. Parents may even choose to cut bread into shapes and allow children to make mini sandwiches in their favorite shapes. This is a great way to get children to try new food.

Cake Decorations

Have you ever wondered how cake bakers get perfect shapes on a cake with sprinkles? They pull out their favorite cookie cutters and gently set them on the cake in the frosting before using the sprinkles. Men and women find they can decorate any cake quickly and easily using this method-;even a cake purchased from a store rather than being made at home.

Valentine Hearts

Conversation hearts remain popular around Valentine’s Day. Don’t settle for those small candy hearts when you can make big ones at home. Bake some Rice Krispie treats and cut them into a heart shape with the help of a cookie cutter. Dip the heart into colored candy melts to provide the pastel colors people know the conversation hearts for and write little messages on them with icing. Kids and adults alike enjoy this treat and will remember you fondly for making them. These are only a few of many ways people can use cookie cutters other than to make a dessert. Make a wreath with cookie cutters, glue a cookie cutter to a glass as a handle, or create some fun-shaped crayons for the kids using the cutters as molds. People may use them to separate different foods on a tray or to decorate a pie crust. Once people experiment with their cookie cutters, they find countless new ways to use them. Try it today, and you’ll see how fun this common kitchen item can be.

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