Types of Cartoon Drawings – Comic Strip, Gag, Editorial, Animated, Illustrative

Cartooning is a useful design tool that fashion designers and Graphic artists can utilize in creating visual communication products like posters, magazines, and billboards.

There are five types of cartoon drawings. These are Comic Strip, Gag, Editorial, Animated, and Illustrative cartoons. Each of the classes has different uses in the field of visual communication.

  1. Comic strip cartoons: This kind of cartoon appears as a regular characteristic with established or known characters in newspapers. They are portrayed in a series to explain or tell a story. Each strip includes a set of panels with the words of characters encased in a balloon. They are printed together on one or two pages. Examples of comic strip cartoons include the Adventures of Tintin.
  2. Gag cartoons: ‘Gag’ literally indicates a ‘joke’. Gag cartoons are usually single-paneled representation that is used to create a comedy about people in general. They make humor with the use of overstatements. They are used as a means of fun. Sometimes, they are utilized to highlight and poke fun at the mistakes or faults of humans. The cartoons may be followed by a single-sentence caption, which may be a character’s spoken words. The current U.S. election had numerous Gag cartoons marketed and promoted by both the Democrats and Republicans to poke fun at each other. 
  3. Animated cartoons: This is a short, machine drawn cartoons made to look as if it is hand-drawn. They are made to create a vision of action and movement. They are exclusively used for modern cinematography and are produced on audio-video screens. In order to create animation, each consecutive drawing in a panel is made to somewhat differ from the first one before it to define the notion of movement. The Marvel and D.C. cartoons employed this technique before moving to VFX.
  4. Editorial cartoons: This kind of cartoon is made exclusively for newspaper publication and magazines. They mostly appear on the editorial page as simple single drawings used to throw more light on a newspaper’s editorial comment. They may appear with or without captions. Many editorial cartoons called caricatures are used to poke fun at popular people such as musicians, politicians, etc. A caricature is a funny cartoon drawing of someone that humorously exaggerates their appearance or behavior to create joy. They may also assist the main editorial of the day or deal with some other news item events for the day.
  5. Illustrative cartoons:  Illustrative cartoons represent specific ideas directly and simply. They help in teaching aids, explaining stories, or advertisements. They demonstrate more than the text that follows them. Books used in schools usually have such illustrative cartoons that help in explaining the content or subject. 

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