Top 5 Knife Sharpening Tips That Are Anything but Dull


Whether you’re a knife collector or a master chef, it’s important to ensure that your knives are sharp for proper use.

If you’re searching for easy, effective ways to sharpen your knives, there are a few tips to follow that will make the process easy.

Read on for a list of the top five knife sharpening tips that will turn your knives from dull to razor sharp in no time.

1. Color the Edges of Your Knife

You may not think of coloring as part of key knife sharpening tips, but this hack is actually very helpful. Use a Sharpie or some chalk and color the edges or bevel of your knife. This simple tip will help you identify which remaining areas of the blade need to be sharpened as you go once the coloration wears off.

2. Knife Sharpening Tips: Use the Right Angle

When it comes to knowing how to sharpen a knife, the angle you use is one of the most important things. Get to know your knife and always make sure you sharpen it at a 20-degree angle whenever possible. It may take a bit of practice, but once you hit the sweet spot, the sharpening process will be easy.

3. Be Gentle

Whether it’s your favorite Tacknives or your chef’s knife, it can be tempting to put a lot of pressure on your knife while sharpening. Try to use steady, gentle pressure and motion when sharpening with a stone. The more gentle you are, the better precision you’ll get and the less wear and tear you’ll put on your blade and handle.

4. Choose the Right Stone

If you’re using a sharpening stone, make sure it’s made of high quality and won’t break down after a few uses. The best stone can handle oil or dry use and won’t crumble or leave small debris behind on your knife. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines on your sharpening stone to make sure it can be used wet or dry before you apply oil just to be safe.

5. Test Your Blade

To check the sharpness of your knife, simply run the blade across a piece of paper to determine whether or not it needs to be sharpened. The paper should slice cleanly without bending and if not, your knife may need a bit more sharpening. Remember, never test the sharpness of your knife on your arm or anywhere else on your body to avoid possible injury.

Sharp as a Knife

Whether you’re just getting into knives or you’ve been a fan for a while, consider these simple knife sharpening tips the next time you’re ready to do some sharpening. Always test your blade on paper and use the right sharpening stone for great results.

Try to sharpen the knife at a 20-degree angle, and use gentle motions to get the sharpest blade possible.

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