Top 2021 travel destinations

This summer may have seen most of our travel plans cancelled or at least altered, with many of us enjoying a staycation or two. If the extent of your travel plan this year only saw you only catching trains around the capital or the occasional drive to the beach, then we’ve got some 2021 destinations you should consider. Whilst good news is on the horizon about a Covid vaccine, it’s likely that come 2021 there will still be cases, which is why we’ve chosen some of the safest countries you should visit. 


Often over-looked for its neighbouring Italy, Slovenia is a top destination for 2021. Leading by example in sustainable tourism, Slovenia is full of natural wonders, as well as historic towns and cities. The country’s capital, Ljubljana, is known as Europe’s Green Capital.

From sleeping under the stars, to wine tasting, canoeing along lake Blagus, to exploring ancient streets, there’s no shortage of things to do in Slovenia. 


Despite its fragile health care system, Senegal has had one of the lowest number of cases of Coronavirus. Thanks to the swift actions of the government, the country was able to contain and limit the spread of the virus. One of Africa’s most stable countries, Senegal is a melting pot of cultures. 

Dakar, the capital, is the perfect blend of elegance and chaos. Grand buildings give way to bustling alleys and snarling traffic. With vibrant markets selling everything from fabric to spices, traditional earthenware to football strips! If you’re after a slower pace of life, then the nearby Ile de Goree and the beaches of Yoff and N’Gor Tap are simply stunning. 


Another African country that makes the list. Again, thanks to Morocco’s swift and decisive action, this country in North Africa could be on a lot of people’s wanderlust lists. Home to ancient palaces, bustling souks, and surfer waves, Morocco is the perfect place to visit for some early spring sun or some late autumn warmth. 

Stay in the mountains for a spot of stargazing, or sleep in a traditional riad in Marrakesh and let the exotic scents transport you. 


Without having to implement the severe lockdowns many European countries saw, Iceland only had a reported 10 deaths. By testing people arriving from abroad and isolating those who tested positive, Iceland has managed to stay relatively unscathed. 

Iceland is often high on many bucket lists, thanks to its wealth of sights. From the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, to the breathtaking geezers. Wooing nature lovers and culture vultures alike, Iceland is the perfect tourist destination. 

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