The Ultimate Travel Guide to Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the most enchanting cities in Spain. It is the capital city of the Province of Salamanca in the western part of Spain. It is perched on hills on the banks of the Tormes River. It has established itself as a major tourist, historical, educational, cultural, and economic hub. For these reasons and more, it has become a destination for visitors and tourists from different parts of the globe. 

Salamanca boasts of some of Europe’s finest architecture, the most amazing square, the Plaza Mayor, in Spain, and the coolest atmosphere on the Iberian Peninsula. The city is home to some of the oldest universities on earth while also doubling as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its strings of luxury hotels, hospitable people, mouthwatering restaurants, and diverse events make it a much-beloved destination for so many. If you also want to enjoy the allure of this ancient Spanish town, this travel guide is specifically for you. 

Getting to Salamanca

Salamanca is located centrally, and it is not just a beloved destination for many; it is also a principal hub for transportation. Hence, it is understandable that there are several travel alternatives for you to get into or out of the town. You can enter initially via the international airport in Madrid or the one in Valladolid. You can then take a bus or follow the Spanish metro rail line to reach Salamanca from these cities. 

Places to Stay 

There are numerous places where you can stay when in Salamanca but here are the most outstanding examples for you and your loved ones: 

Hotel Plaza Del Angel

This four-star hotel is located near the famed Plaza Mayor and visitors confess that its charm is genuinely irresistible. It boasts 23 rooms and catchy walls with cream hues, but it does not even end there; there are bedcovers with alluring floral patterns and bedheads with marble. It is a simple yet superbly elegant place to stay. 

Hotel Torre Del Clavero

This is one of the best-run hospitality facilities in all of Salamanca, and you will be doing yourself a lot of good by merely staying there. It is ranked at three stars, and there are 26 rooms there with all the amenities for comfort and ease. You are surely going to find it cozy. 

Hotel Abba Fonseca

One of Salamanca’s most impressive features is that you will never be short of places to stay. Here is another one located on the western portion of the town. It is tranquil and offers you the finest of luxury in style in any of its expansive 86 rooms. 

Eating in Salamanca

Now that you have a place to stay and rest your head, the next thing to do is eat. Castilians are known for having great pride in their pork and beef. Therefore, you can be sure to get the most amazing cured hams, like the iconic jamon de bellota. This delicacy is made from hogs fed with acorns and until you taste it before you can fully appreciate it. You can also sample the cured pork loin and first-class chorizo. 

There is also the morcilla (a kind of black pudding) or the typical Salamancan pasty called hornazo. Hornazo is a blend of egg, ham, lomo, spiced sausage, and chorizo. The Salamancans are also known for some of the tastiest cakes ever. Make sure you try the ones made by nuns. 

If you are still very much determined to experience the height of culinary pleasure of Salamanca, then you can check-in at any of the string of restaurants all over the town. Enjoy monkfish with octopus, snails, vegetables, and morcilla-based sauce. You should try out any of the traditional meals, especially the ones made with pork. 

Things You Can Do in Salamanca

You can start your tour by checking out any of the ornate churches or majestic cathedrals like the Gothic New Cathedral, constructed in 1513. You can take time and attend the church events, but that is not all. You can still visit the old tombs, cloister and the statuaries of the several chapels. 

You can also tour the unforgettable garden named Huerto de Calixto y Melibea, and if you are the artistic mind, then you can check out Museo Casa Lis. In the museum, you can check out the massive collection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau objects. Then, of course, you need to visit and tour every part of the Plaza Mayor. 

You should also take time to visit the Tormes River and walk along its banks or perch yourself on the Roman bridge while you take the most memorable photos. The old university must also make your itinerary and you are going to be amazed by the structure and the facilities alongside its timeless architecture. Salamanca has a lot of options for you – do not wait again! 

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