The Ultimate Guide to Camping Kits – Tents, Lights, Bags and Stoves

This article is a definite guide for people trying to shop for camping lights, stoves, sleeping bags and tents.


If you’re thinking about getting out into the glorious outdoors for some overnight stays, then finding the best type of camping lighting will make all the difference, even if you intend to hit the hay the second the sun goes down. You’ll never know when an excellent light to guide you securely to the toilets might come in handy, particularly when you have to move around other tents that have ropes and tie-downs just waiting to trip you up!

Of course, the romantics would say a simple candle would be enough. However, these are not only bad but very sensitive to that blast of wind right when you need it to stay put. More importantly, any open fire is a crisis mostly during the summer months, so going a little higher tech is advisable and a must.

There is a broad range of different choices, from using simplistic solar-powered lights that charge up during the day and then release low lighting levels during the night to the battery or gas-operated lights and windup torches.

A windup torch can save the energy you’ve added for about forty minutes. Another option is the shaker torch that gives off a decent amount of light but only for a few minutes peruses. Some of these also have the choice of batteries, meaning you can use the supply if the worst happens and you’re stabbed somewhere without new batteries in reach.

If you need intense light, you can pick an LED light that will shine out a healthy lighting level fit for cooking, putting up a tent in the dark, or just being extra friendly to neighboring campers.

An LED table lantern or one using fluorescent light can offer a right amount of camping lighting without bringing in all the mosquitoes and moths from miles around to flitter around it.

Many people opt for some form of gaslighting. This is effective and cheap, but you need to take extra safety precautions around them, particularly if you have young kids or plan on having a few alcoholic drinks.

Take some time out to check a few camping supplies websites or speak to a specialist about the best kind of camping lighting to match you and your style of outdoor retreats.

Camping Stoves

Gas camping stoves are an amazingly versatile part of your camping supplies, as they can be employed for cooking away from the house or as an alternate to keep in your house for boiling water and to cook food, should there be a failure and your power is cut off. It’s essential to pick a gas camping stove that meets your requirements the most, whether it is to keep it as compact as feasible if you are backpacking or to cook nearly anything you can picture if you will be responsible for catering to your friends and family.

Before you buy one, consider whether it will need to be carried over large distances, extended your usual stay in any one place, and how heavy it is. This will change the kind of amenity you select. This includes the weight of the fuel you’ll need to use, as there are various options for this type of cooking. Of course, if you’ve purchased it primarily for home use in times of crisis, then this isn’t a significant factor, though storage may be.

These are safe to use as long as you follow the safety instructions provided with each one, and assure you use them in a well-ventilated place. Keeping it away from the ceiling of a tent and walls is also advisable, and if you are using it in poor weather, it’s a good idea to use it just outside the tent if you cannot venture out into the great outdoors.

If you are planning to use it in other nations, this may affect the kind you buy. You cannot take cylinders from gas camping stoves and such on a plane, so you’ll need to buy a model that you can find the right kind of fuel for easily once you’ve reached your destination. Most models have a piezo ignition that helps you light it with the force of a button. Even if you have one of these, it’s still a decent idea to pack a lighter or a box of matches to give it a little boost should this stop working.

Camping Sleeping Bags

When surfing the internet for camping sleeping bags, it’s crucial to find one that will provide you with warmth, comfort, and the ability to get a good night’s rest.

The two key kinds available are either synthetic or down. Both of these have their pros and cons and are useful in different situations.

Down is probably the more expensive of the two, particularly if you go for the highest quality. However, these benefit from packing down to a small size and, when dry are warm and light to carry.

Given the type of material, the synthetic is less likely to offer the warm pillow-like comfort. These are relatively easy to dry if constrained to wet conditions and will not squander all warmth if they are damp. They are also usually cheaper. You do not have to make a significant investment to satisfy a practical need.

Another characteristic of camping sleeping bags is the shape. The two major forms are tapered or semi-rectangular. Semi-rectangular styles can be useful in warm weather as they are easy to undo, and some can be thrown over in a duvet style if favored.

The tapered shape may not completely unzip and becomes smaller toward the bottom; however, given less space to heat, you may find this style is warmer.

Keeping in mind the distress coldness can cause you, it is prudent to consider the conditions you may find yourself. It is a good idea to buy something moderately warm, as the weather may not always be on your side. You can look for styles that have a control strip for extra comfort and warmth. When researching various camping sleeping bags, be sure to read the product descriptions – these will have important information about what they are most suited to, such as hunting, tramping, and camping.

The Right Tent

When you’re headed out over a vacation for the perfect camping holiday or a summer break, having all the things you need to take with you is the most important way you can prepare. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you haven’t packed enough meals or that you’re missing essential cooking or sleeping gear once you finally get to your destination to set up. Bringing after choosing the right camping gear is vital for your safety as well as a good trip.

Picking a suitable tent is an ideal necessity when you’re planning on heading out – you need something made from strong materials with enough room to fit you and your gear. Extra precautions need to be taken if you’re heading out in the cold or up a mountain. Make sure you research the type of tent carefully and the size that you need to choose one right for your trip.

Different types of Tends

There are different kinds of tents suitable for every season and every situation. Stay safe and protected by choosing carefully during the planning stage of your journey.

Four Season Tents

Commonly used when mountaineering or in winter, four-season tents are made to withstand more severe conditions for a trade-off in complexity and weight.

Three Season Tents

While they might stand up to a light shower, three-season tents are generally meant to be used in the summer, spring, and autumn.

Convertible Camping Tents

If you want a tent to cover all the bases, the convertible tent is the one for you. Cut down on weight by moving some of the poles behind during summer and deconstruct extra protection when it isn’t required.

Warm Weather Camping Tents

Made very lightweight with pieces of mesh, if you’re headed somewhere hot and want the shelter without the humidity, then a warm weather tent is a must. It’s not much fun baking all night, hopelessly trying to get to sleep while the sweat drips down your forehead.

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