The Power of IoT: Innovative Parking Solutions for 2021 and Beyond

Americans waste more than 17 hours and $345 a year searching for parking.

If you’re a driver in America, chances are you spent several minutes or more circling around in the city trying to find a parking spot. Many drivers make sure they include parking times when it comes to their commute times.

The problem also occurs when commuting to work. In addition to the time spent commuting, employees have to figure out where to park.

There are innovative parking solutions that can make parking easier and less stressful.

Want to learn more about implementing innovative parking solutions for your workplace facility? Here are innovative parking solutions for 2021 and beyond.

Automated Valet Parking

Automated valet parking is one innovative parking service that can reduce the time and energy spent looking for parking spots. When you arrive at your destination, a robotic valet will park your car for you.

No more having to wait for a valet to take your car. A robotic valet will be able to park your car more efficiently. The parking spaces will be managed more efficiently since there is no need to leave spaces for people to get in or out of the car.

There is usually a special location where the driver goes to drop off and pick up the car.

Sensors for Parking

Sensor technology can help reduce the problems associated with parking. Wireless sensors can detect how many cars are parked in a garage and which spots are occupied or empty.

Smart sensors can give you real-time information about the parking lot and show which spaces you can park in. The information can be provided through a mobile app.

Drivers can use the app to find available parking spaces. Imagine not having to do the dreaded “circling around” where you feel like you’re endlessly looping around to find an available parking spot.

Apps to Manage Parking

Mobile apps can help with strategic parking solutions. With traditional parking garages, sometimes you have to remember to pay at a kiosk before you exit the parking garage.

Other times, you have to pay when you exit, fumbling for your credit card. You also have to keep track of your parking pass and make sure not to lose it.

Mobile apps can make the hassle of parking easier. You can pay for parking in advance through the app via a parking reservation system. No need to look for the right credit card and try to successfully insert it into the machine.

Mobile apps can also provide your parking ticket through the app, so no need to keep track of the parking pass.

Smart Meters

Parking in the city can be a hassle especially when it comes to parking meters. You have to find an available one. Then, you have to make sure you have coins.

What’s more, if you go over your time, you’re at risk for a parking ticket.

Smart meters are innovative parking solutions that can help you manage your parking spot remotely. The meters are connected to a mobile app where you can manage the parking spot.

Through the app, you can pay for your parking spot. Running out of time for the meter? You don’t have to rush out to add more coins.

You can extend your parking time remotely through a mobile app.


Another parking solution is to use pay-by-plate technology. This type of technology has cars use their license plate number for parking.

Drivers can enter their license plate number through a kiosk and pay for parking through the kiosk. No need to print out a ticket. You don’t have to display a ticket on your car’s dashboard.

When parking enforcement checks cars, they don’t have to look for a ticket on the dashboard. They can use the license plate number to check if the parking space has been paid for or not.

Parking Lifts

One parking solution for congested cities is to make use of vertical space. Car parking lifts have a system where cars are stacked over the other.

Parking lifts use mechanical lifts to lift the car and park them. They use minimal space compared to traditional parking.

Resident Rates

If you live in the middle of a busy, popular city, then you probably have to deal with parking struggles constantly. Sometimes you can’t find parking.

Another issue is the cost. If you work downtown, parking probably takes a chunk out of your monthly income. One solution is for cities to offer special rates for residents.

Residents would get lower parking fees compared to tourists. This would make it easier for residents who live in a major city and have to pay a lot for parking.

Benefits of Innovative Parking Solutions

The above parking solutions can make parking easier and reduce the time spent circling around or driving around to find a parking spot. With cars spending less time driving around looking for parking, this can decrease car emissions.

What’s more, if you spend less time looking for parking, you can increase your own productivity for your workday. You also may spend less time during your commute overall.

Another benefit is security and safety. With automated garages and parking, there is less of a chance of your stuff being stolen from your car.

Embrace Innovative Parking Solutions

Innovative parking solutions can make the parking experience less of a hassle for drivers. It can be one less thing to worry about when it comes to commuting to work or driving downtown for a night out.

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