Taurus Weekly Horoscope 8th – 14th Nov 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles might be in a hurry to enjoy physical intimacy with their newfound love. After persuasion, the opposite person might give in, and both lovers might enjoy blissful moments. Married folks may not be too happy, as some issue or the other may keep cropping up in their relationship, creating misunderstanding between the life partners. Married folks need to spend quality time with each other. This allows for opportunities to vent out their hurt feelings and iron out their differences amicably. Married people may then enjoy pleasant moments with their life partner. On the family front, things may be comfortable. In general, relationships may be good during this time.


Students pursuing their graduation may be able to learn things quickly. Hence, they may be able to make satisfactory progress. Post-graduate students may be focused for long hours on their studies despite any disturbance. They learn things well and thus make encouraging progress.


Beware during this phase, as an excess of acidic reflux in the digestive system may be cause for concern. Besides consuming antacid tablets, include some fiber-rich grain and vegetable into your diet, in order to flush out excess of acidic reflux from your digestive system. Diabetics need to watch their food intake and follow the diet instructions of their physician. Maintain some level of physical fitness, either by working out at home or doing something else.


According to the current planetary movement, there may be an inflow of money in your life. The strong retrograde of Mars, moving through the 12th house, leads to you spending money impulsively. Beware of this tendency, and always plan your finances. You may need to save money for rainy days. Overall, your financial position may remain healthy.


During this phase, there might be something good in the pipeline for businessmen. However, they might do well to keep their cool, and not push their views, especially when negotiating a mega-deal with a new high net worth customers. During the middle of the week, businessmen may be successful in striking a big deal. Businessmen may be able to make good progress in the pursuit of their goals. Salaried folks may perform effectively, and aim at increasing their output. They may come across a good employment opportunity during the middle of the week and may opt for it, for better career growth prospects.

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