Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Recently, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, had the very first phone call with POTUS-elect Joe Biden. Here’s how it went:

“The message is clear that the new US and the Indian administration is keen on addressing the issue of climate change, with this both the Nations need to work together to make sure that the various programs of the United Nations speed up and align with the agenda.”

We should not ignore the fact that we need to unite ourselves and together look for solutions and the solutions must align with the UN Sustainable goals, so I want to leave you with the 17 Sustainable goals that one needs to keep a watch to generate a globally accepted solution aligning with the United Nations so that the humanity can benefit the most.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • End poverty of all forms everywhere:

The target was to end poverty by 2030, but the pace even before the pandemic has resulted in a lag, and due to the pandemic millions have gone back to extreme poverty.

  • Achieve food security, end hunger, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

A huge number of people are suffering from food security and a lot of several children are malnourished, the economic slowdown due to the pandemic has increased this number.

  • Good health and promote well-being

There is a slow rate of improvement but due to the pandemic the achieved outcomes are under threat,

  • Quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Already pre-pandemic there were a lot of students that didn’t meet the minimum proficiency standards in reading and numeracy due to pandemic schools have shut down, though remote learning is the new normal not everyone has the proper and equal access to the internet, a digital divide might lead to a huge gap to the already hit education sector.

  • Gender equality and women empowerment

There is good improvement in this sector but quite hard hit by the pandemic, reports from many countries suggest that domestic violence has risen during the global lockdown.

  • Ensure availability of water, sustainable management of water, and improve sanitation.

A lot of people lack water to even wash their hands, which is a precautionary measure for COVID-19.

  • Ensure affordable and clean energy.

The world is making good progress and constantly improving in this sector, there is quick growth for clean energy but a better rate is required to reach the long term goals.

  • Decent, sustainable work, and economic growth.

The global economy was growing at a slow rate even before the pandemic, post-pandemic the aggregate working hours in the world’s labor markets is expected to decrease by 10.5 percent.

  • Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and innovation.

The global growth of manufacturing was already facing a decline before the pandemic, due to the pandemic, there is a further decline in this sector.

  •  Reduce inequalities within and out.

The whole world is facing inequality in incomes and the pandemic has hit the poorest adding to the same.

  •  Sustainable and resilient cities and communities.

Urban sprawl has resulted in increasing slums and overburdened cities, the pandemic is going to hit hard people that lack proper sanitation, housing, or adequate toilet facilities. There is an urgent need for proper planning and execution.

  •  Responsible and sustainable consumption and production

The consumption and production loop is very important for economic growth this loop relies on natural and non-renewable resources, the current pandemic is giving time for countries to work on a recovery plan.

  •  Urgent actions to combat climate change.

The year 2019 was the second warmest year on record, though due to the on-going travel restrictions and global pandemic, there is an improvement but temporary.

  •  Conserve the use of oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.

Marine ecosystems have been catering to the requirements of the population, the current effects to protect this ecosystem have not been of much success. There is a rise in the pH of oceans by 10-30 percent during 2015-19.

  •  Sustainable management of forests and biodiversity, combat land degradation, and desertification.

There has been a huge decline in the forest cover, but the efforts are showing positive signs.

  •  Promote peace and justice for all, build effective and accountable institutions.

The limited access to justice is a threat to sustainable development, the current pandemic is causing a huge amount of social unrest hence deviating from our targeted goals.

  •  Strengthening of the global partnership for sustainable development.

The scarcity of financial resources is hindering the implementation of goals and the pandemic s adding more to it, the world economies need to come together and help each other to develop sustainably by implementing the goals.

Before looking for solutions it is very necessary to know about the position of what’s happening around the world so that we all can work together to find an optimum solution that benefits mankind.

Remember people together we can and we will save the World!

Source and Reference: United Nations Sustainable Goals

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