Strategies That Will Help To Grow On Youtube In 2021

Do you enjoy taking videos and talking about your day?

Do you think you are creative and have a lot to share with the world?

If you want to be a vlogger and share your videos with the rest of the world, you must be thinking about uploading them on Youtube. Regardless of gender, age, occupation, and nationality, everyone has heard of Youtube, the largest online video-sharing platform.  

Do you want to gain popularity on Youtube? 

Here are some strategies for you:

1.    Use different social platforms

Whether you are just starting or are a struggling Youtuber, using several social media platforms for promoting your channel is crucial to maximizing your reach. When you decide to make a Youtube page, make an announcement for your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. In addition to this, let them know whenever you upload new content. Your friends and family members are likely to support you, watch your video and maybe even leave some positive comments that will make your channel look more socially credible.

2.    Don’t be boring

While it sounds like a basic tip, people forget quite often that Youtube already has more than thirty million channels. Users have access to millions of videos, and you need to catch their attention. Spend some time on your channel art, icon, and biography. Let people know who your channel is for, what kind of content they should expect from you engagingly and excitingly!

3.    Aim for gaining subscribers

People who go to Youtube daily have access to many different types of content, and when a person starts vlogging, it’s hard to get noticed and get attention. Even if one of your videos goes viral, that doesn’t mean that your other videos are going to be popular, as well, because the number of views isn’t the same as the number of subscribers. Subscribers are the ones who are in with you for the longer term.

Invest in gaining subscribers!

The more subscribers you get, the more your videos are going to get noticed by other users. But since it’s challenging to get people to subscribe to a channel that only has a few videos, some people find an alternative and effective way such as buying subscribers. When you have a couple of thousand followers, and a potential subscriber visits your channel, they are more likely to take you seriously. 

4.    Use keywords

Even if the content you provide is high-quality and interesting, you can’t become successful unless people come across your videos and get interested in them. To increase the reach of your content use keywords. Youtube auto-complete is an excellent way to find appropriate videos for your video content. For example, you want to establish yourself as an influencer who promotes a healthy lifestyle, if you search healthy on Youtube, it suggests keywords for you. These are what people search the most on this platform regarding healthy lifestyle and can lead you to thousands of views. 

5.    Don’t forget your subscribers and viewers

Communication with people who have to watch your videos is essential for them to come to your channel and hit the subscribe buttons especially when it comes to beginner Youtubers. Go to the comment section and thank people for their positive reviews, and answer their questions. Responses like that will make them feel appreciated and significant. You can also use other communication tools that Youtube offers, like live streaming. You live streams to talk about your content, let your subscribers know more about you and your life. What’s more important is to ask them questions, for example, what would they like to see more on your channel. If you are a food blogger, ask them if they want a recipe for a specific meal. 

Remember to keep the conversation going.

Another tip: Don’t forget to have fun in the process. 

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