Signs It Is Time to Schedule a Dental Exam


Seeing the dentist, a couple of times a year is a clear way to protect the health of your smile. When someone neglects the health of their smile, they are more likely to suffer from decay and gum disease. These two oral health issues can produce massive damage, especially if the signs of problems are ignored. By scheduling a dental appointment promptly, patients can protect the health of their smiles.

Pain Should Never Be Ignored

There are multiple symptoms that can alert a person of problems with the health of their teeth and gums. One of the hallmark symptoms of oral health problems is pain. Even if a person suffers only minor pain, this can still stem from problems with their smile. Pain is the body’s way of warning there is something amiss.

Tooth pain is one of the most common reasons people come to need a new dentist. Tooth pain may start off as minor, but it can rise in intensity quickly. No matter the level of pain, if it is ongoing, it needs to be addressed. Pain is often caused by the degradation of the enamel, either by injury or decay. Once the enamel has been compromised, the tooth is no longer stable.

Other Signs of Oral Health Issues

There are multiple signs that may begin to occur when a person’s smile health has been compromised. When the following issues begin to arise, individuals should schedule a dental appointment to have their mouth examined. The following are some of the most common signs that should alert a person they require dental care.

  • When teeth become loose or no longer feel stable, this is a substantial concern, especially if it is happening with multiple teeth. If multiple teeth are becoming loose, this issue could be caused by gum disease. Gum disease is serious and needs immediate medical attention.
  • Individuals may be surprised to learn foul breath can be a dangerous sign. Often, bad breath can mean there is decay within the tooth. This type of foul breath will not respond to tooth brushing or mouthwash.
  • Another sign of problems is sores or ulcers that do not heal. When sores occur inside the mouth, individuals need to keep a watch on them to ensure they heal correctly. If they change in size or do not go away within a week, it is important to have them checked by a dentist. Your oral health needs to be protected.

Your Oral Health Is Critical

Many people neglect their smile health because they do not understand its sheer importance. It is important people realize the mouth is the gateway to the body. When it is not healthy, it can lead to other health problems. Bacteria in the mouth need to be kept under control, for good overall health.

Seeing the dentist often is crucial for protecting your oral health. Cavities and gum disease are less likely to form when the teeth are cleaned professionally twice a year and the individual brushes and flosses at home. When problems do begin to arise, they can be found early at preventative care appointments and will be less likely to cause major damages.

How to Care for Your Teeth at Home

Aside from seeing the dentist regularly, there are a few things individuals can do at home to care for their teeth. Brushing and flossing twice daily is paramount for protection. When food particles are left on the teeth, they can begin to create acids that start to eat away at the enamel. Avoiding brushing and flossing will eventually lead to erosions and openings in the enamel that can cause decay.

It is also important to follow a healthy diet. Avoiding sugary and processed foods will help to protect the integrity of your oral health. Eating a wide array of healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources will give your teeth the nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy. When the right diet is coupled with proper oral care practices and dental visits, individuals are less likely to suffer from oral health issues that can lead to tooth damage.

Finding the Right Dentist Is Essential

Most people know they need to see the dentist a couple of times a year. Finding the right dentist is not always easy for people. When searching for a dentist, it is imperative individuals take their time and learn as much as possible about their options. Researching will help individuals to determine which dentist will be able to offer them the highest level of oral health care.

Visiting the website of the dentist is an important first step. Here, individuals can learn a lot about the dentist, their office, and the staff. Sometimes, dentists offer virtual tours on their websites. The information gleaned from dental websites can allow individuals to begin to gather enough information to start making a decision.

Dentists understand patients are sometimes nervous about getting dental work. The dentist should be gentle and patient, willing to offer comfort, and answer any questions or concerns. If the dentist seems overly rushed, it would be wise for an individual to look elsewhere for their dental service needs. The following questions should be asked of each dentist.

  • What dental services are offered by the dentist?
  • How does the dentist handle dental emergencies?
  • Does the dentist accept your insurance?
  • What is the training and experience level of the dentist and their staff?
  • Is the dental equipment in the office up to date?
  • How does the dentist handle referrals?


Having a dentist, you can rely on for the protection of your oral health is crucial. Make sure to schedule a preventative dental appointment at least twice a year. During this appointment, dentists protect the oral health of their patients with cleanings and examinations.

By scheduling an appointment twice, a year, patients can ensure their smiles are healthy and beautiful. Call today to schedule your preventative dental care appointment right away. Staying on top of your oral health requires dedication at home and the dentist’s office.

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