Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles may be excited and may receive inviting gestures by someone of the opposite sex. They may give a fitting response, and during the meeting, both parties may enter a love relationship. Lovebirds may enjoy a pleasant time together. Married people may need to do something to keep their life partner happy and to enjoy the pleasures of married life. When it comes to relationships, in general, you may have an enjoyable time. You may need to work to make your family feel happy and contented.


Students pursuing graduation may get distracted, and may not be able to focus well enough for long hours, to learn things satisfactorily. Students pursuing graduation may make progress. Students who wish to go abroad may need to exert more effort to get there. Students in higher education may need to put in more work.


According to the movement of the ruler of your sign, you may need to be careful when it comes to health. Avoid late-night dinners, and try keeping your digestive system in order. Middle-aged and above need to take care when it comes to nagging health issues. If you are diabetic, follow the instructions of your physician to save you from further complications. Take any regular check-ups to be aware of any fluctuation. Do some light exercises in the morning, so you may remain physically fit enough during the day.


According to planetary movements, there may be some major financial gain during this phase. You may become wiser at handling huge sums of money. You might be inclined to spend money for a social cause. You may need to increase the amount of money you provision for the family. You may spend money partying with near and dear ones. Despite all expenses, you may be able to spend money for future needs.


Businessmen dealing with companies in foreign countries may be able to make a major deal with such an offshore firm. This may be a game-changing deal, for the businessman, in due course of time. Businessmen trading on the local market may get a chance to export their products to a foreign country. Salaried individuals may feel happy, owing to an incentive for their commitment to work. They may be committed to performing more efficiently.

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