Picture: Rony Jabour and Dr. David Michaels (Former OSHA secretary)

Accidents happen everywhere, but they are most prevalent at places that directly expose individuals to danger, such as construction sites. There have been several instances where people have come face to face with worse conditions, and some people have even lost their lives. Most of these accidents happen because people are unaware of the safety measures they are required to take before they step in places that are highly prone to danger.

Due to this very reason, the government has instilled compulsory legislation to regulate a safe working environment throughout the workplace. Companies are required to provide necessary information about work sites. To ensure the well being of every individual, taking safety and health training at workplaces has become essential to educate employees about the hazardous chemicals and large tools and types of machinery being widely used in industries. Through these training programs, people learn how to be cautious and protect themselves from risks and dangers.

For educating people and spreading awareness about the hazards that came with working in open spaces, the U.S established OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1970. The agency has produced exceptionally learned people, who have not just understood the idea of what safety at a workplace means, but they are also making efforts to spread knowledge about why it is important. Among those individuals who have not just excelled but have made a mark in the industry, the name of Rony Jabour shines brightly.

Starting as a construction worker, Rony Jabour knows what OSHA is all about. Not only is he a trained professional, but he is also one of the country’s most sought OSHA Trainer!


Born on October 12, 1983, Rony Jabour opened his eyes in Brazil. Owner of a lively and fun-loving personality, He was known from the very start as someone who could people in a lighter mood. He always had a way with words, and his unique style of talking to people made it obvious that he knew how to deal with even the toughest situations.

Up until Rony Jabour was 21, he lived in Brazil. In 2004, he moved to Boston, U.S, when he had also graduated as an Agricultural Technician.

The young and passionate Rony Jabour, kick-started his career as a construction worker in Boston, Massachusetts. For eight years, Rony dedicated all his energy and hard work in giving his utmost at the job. Even though he loved working there, he knew that things regarding safety and health were extremely poor.  He noticed several instances where people completely ignored taking health and safety measures.

Rony Jabour couldn’t stand looking at people throwing their lives away, and he decided to take the responsibility of helping his co-workers realize the threats that were posed at the construction site. Eventually, he started leading his colleagues, looking after each employee to ensure their safety and health.

Slowly, he realized that not only did he have a skill set for helping people out, but he was also very passionate about encouraging and motivating people to practice safety and health measures.

This was when he decided to join Keene State College. From there, he got enrolled in the OSHA Training Institute. Rony was a remarkable student, and he earned several licenses and certifications including, Industrial Ventilation, Radiation Protection, Biohazards in the workplace, along with several others.

Besides being extremely well at OSHA, Rony Jabour also has command over three languages, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. To take things up a notch, he decided to open his own school for educating and spreading knowledge about the importance of safety and health measures in workplaces. He opened his school, United Safety Net, the largest safety training institute in English, Spanish and Portuguese in the U.S.

The school, along with English, offers courses in Portuguese and Spanish. United Safety Net provides necessary OSHA training courses. The school certifies over 2000 students every year!

Seeing the amount of dedication and hard work that Rony put in to increase the idea of occupational safety and health, he was invited to Harvard University in 2012 for delivering a speech on OSHA. He was also invited by the United States Department of Labor in 2013 and 2016 to help the people understand the importance of safety at the workplace.

Recently during the Coronavirus crisis, Rony Jabour was one of the few people who was certified from WHO. He delivered speeches, as well as trained other professionals to combat the disease. Due to his constant efforts, Rony Jabour has become the number 1 authorized OSHA Safety Trainer in New England.

Rony Jabour holds two master’s certification from the University of Texas Arlington. He is also one of the most requested OSHA trainers throughout the U.S.!

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