Pisces Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles may face some pressure to get married. Couples in relationships might face some trouble. Family-related issues might cause you discomfort. Be very calm and composed, don’t get into arguments and control your temper. The storms shall pass very soon and efforts from your side to keep the boat from sinking will truly help – stay afloat!


Students in their last year of graduation may be busy in solving some issue or the other, related to finance and family. Thanks to this, they may be inattentive when it comes to studies, thus lowering their learning progress drastically. Students pursuing post-graduation may get good guidance from their professor which might help the former learn things quickly, and memorize concepts better.


On the health front, the viewing position and movement by the ruler of Pisces, i.e Jupiter, dictates that you may need to be very careful when it comes to your health. Don’t neglect even the most minor health issue, and treat it with due remedial measures to prevent further complications. Beware of a sore throat. Your physical fitness may be a cause for concern. Do some light exercises in the morning at home or in the gym, to remain fit throughout the day.


Planetary movements indicate that you might do well to refrain from handling money matters impulsively. Take decisions regarding money after due consideration. The weekend might bring a chance to gain financially. That might lift your spirits and make you optimistic about future financial prospects. You may need to increase your financial funds, for your family. All in all, there may be no major expense during this phase.


According to planetary movements, businessmen may have a challenging time when it comes to progress. They need to meet these challenges head-on, to make due progress. Businessmen may be able to strike a mid-sized profitable deal around the weekend, which may make them confident about future prospects. Career-oriented folks may look forward to a new employment opportunity, that pays more and has more growth prospects than their current roles.

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