Online Fashion Marketing Tips from DIVISA


Fashion, as with most faucets that require human attention, needs marketing for the best chances of selling. If you are in the fashion industry, you need a marketing strategy that is especially focused on selling your brand online. With everyone online nowadays, you will only be losing business if you don’t leverage the many opportunities this field has to offer. DIVISA Fashion Marketing Agency share several effective online marketing tips for people in the fashion business:

Launch a Website

According to Women’s Wear Daily, over 1800 fashion stored closed last year alone, but, according to Statista, the fashion industry is expected to grow by over $150 billion in revenue in the next two years. At first glance, this growth seems contradictory, but it makes perfect sense if you pay attention to online shopping. Shopping habits have drastically changed in the last several years and people are increasingly leaning towards online shopping than going to physical stores. As a fashion business person, this means launching a website and shifting from a physical fashion brand to an eCommerce brand.

Have a Mobile Presence

With a website in place, the next step is digital marketing. Just like the shift from physical to virtual stores, humanity has been moving from keyboards and desktops to smartphones and tablets for casual tasks like online shopping. As a fashion brand, this implies implementing a responsive design that resizes your website content in accordance with the device it’s in. Failure to do this will only lead to a suboptimal experience for mobile users, which can instantly drive potential customers who are used to ideal user experience on their devices.

People browse fashion items as they commute and if they come across something they like but it can’t load on your site, you will have lost business. Not to mention that Google ranking favors mobile-friendly websites, and so, this will be a huge plus if you are competing locally.

Join Social Media

Social media marketing is mandatory for anyone in the fashion business. Social media platforms not only allow you to connect with your audience, engage and build relationships, but you can also use them to promote your products and drive traffic to your website. In addition, you can integrate your online store with channels like Instagram and Facebook, meaning that if a person comes across something they like, they can purchase it without leaving the application.

Take Advantage of Current Technologies

We are amidst a technological revolution, as shown by the drastic advancements in tech like AI. Chatbots are a good example. They act like round the clock customer service representatives that guide customers through the journey to checkout from the instant they get into your website. If your customers have a question, they are there to answer or direct them to a human representative for more intricate queries.

Attach an Influencer to Your Fashion Brand

Once you’re on social media, you’ll want to get an influencer, as they are some of the best for running fashion campaigns on social media. Just fire up Instagram and you will come across people with a large following and command attention endorse various products. If you are selling shoes, one of the best ways is to get an influencer to post photos of them wearing some of your shoes. You can think of influencer marketing like popular kids in high school being emulated by the rest.

Personalize Everything

According to Shopify, 43% of their purchases are influenced by personalized promotions or recommendations, and that 75% of consumers want brands to personalize their offers, experiences, and messages. The important thing to note here is that even though personalization will help you sell more, consumers do not just want personalized messages, they want the whole experience to be personal. They want you to know what they want and if you are going to promote a product, let it be something they are interested in.


The good thing about remarketing is that you are targeting individuals who have already visited your site in the past, and so, you’ll know from the offset that there’s something to work with. In addition, you’ll be increasing the chances of conversion over a traditional advert as you are presenting something they are most likely interested in or had seen. Remarketing results in better audience targeting, more brand exposure, higher conversion rates, and, ultimately, higher return on income (ROI).

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