Mysterious, intense blasts of radio energy detected in Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy

Mysterious radio signals have been detected from within our own galaxy, astronomers confirmed

FRBs (Fast radio bursts), last only a fraction of a second but can be 100 million times more potent than the Sun. Despite their intensity, their origin remains mostly unknown.

Now astronomers have observed a fast radio burst in our own Milky Way, for the first-ever time. As well as being closer than any FRB ever detected before, they could finally help solve the mystery of where they come from.

Scientists have had trouble tracking down such blasts’ origin because they are so short, unpredictable and originate far away. It is clear that they must be formed in some of the most extreme conditions possible in the universe, with suggested explanations including everything from falling stars to alien technology.

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