Myanmar ruling party promises to fulfil people’s needs

Myanmar's Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi smiles after a meeting with Norway's Foreign Minister Borge Brende (not in picture) at Myanmar's Foreign Ministry in Naypyitaw, Myanmar - last year.

In its first message to the public after the official announcement of the poll results, NLD party said that it will continue implementing its three goals mentioned in the election manifesto: to strive for ethnic affairs and internal peace; a constitution that can create a democratic federal union; and sustainable development and security.

It also committed to be dutiful in response to the trust and support of people to the party in the general elections, saying that the party managed to achieve public support for over 30 years since 1990 general elections.

The NLD party won a sweeping victory by grabbing majority of seats in three levels of parliament in this year’s general elections.

According to a result announcement by the Union Election Commission on Sunday, the NLD party secured 920 seats, out of 1,117 contested parliamentary seats in the elections.

The party won 396 seats in the two Houses of the Union Parliament, passing the target seats to form a new government while securing 501 seats in the Regional or State Parliaments and 23 ethnic minority seats in the Regional or State Parliaments, respectively.

The NLD won over 83 per cent of all constituencies contested in the 2020 general elections, up from 80 per cent in 2015 elections while the party won over 95 per cent of the contested seats in 2012 by-elections and over 82 per cent in 1990 elections, according to the party’s message to the public.

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