My Chilling Halloween in Las Vegas: The 2020 Edition

A year as spooky as 2020, it’s not hard to imagine the Halloween month – October as the spookiest. Being a young travel fanatic and after staying in lockdown for a few months and missing my sister immensely, I decided to surprise her in New York, USA. I planned a trip from Chicago to Las Vegas as I learned about the new traveling policy in COVID-19 times. I followed all the necessary precautions and got myself tested for the viral infection. As I got my medical result, I started to look for budget hotels in Las Vegas. Finally, after several search options, I found the perfect one that suited my criteria. I had heard a lot about the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas and wanted to visit this place.

I booked my flights to New York and visited my sister and we quickly started to plan our Vegas Halloween. Soon, her friends joined and we were a group of five people seeking out to enjoy the chilling October. However, things are a bit different this year considering the ongoing pandemic. All of us followed the protocol of wearing a mask.

We shortlisted OYO Hotel majorly because this place is 1.2 miles from Fremont Street downtown Vegas and another reason being, you can check-in here anytime, as we partied till wee hours of the night. The property looks contemporary and is close to a lot of historic places like the Las Vegas Strip, Mary Dutton Park, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, and Burlesque Hall of Fame. The rooms are clean, with carpet flooring, and have attached bathrooms. The place also provides a lot of amenities like free Wi-Fi, car parking facility, housekeeping, and vending machines, and the cherry on the cake was its pocket-friendly price. 

The Halloween Night

It is said that “If you haven’t done Halloween in Fremont, you haven’t done Halloween”. 

Wrapped in a lot of excitement and zeal, all of us donned the most creative costumes. I dressed up as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and painted myself green for the epic people-watching experience. Fremont Street experience featured Viva Vision light show, SlotZilla, the world’s largest slot machine inspired by a zip line. It’s an important thing to do if you are a millennial and wish to feel the adrenaline and free live music on the streets. 

Being in Vegas, I didn’t want to miss the tour at Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, so we got the all-access tickets for $79, this place is for people who love spooky artifacts and some jump scares to set the chill. The guided tour takes you from room to room and lets you check out artifacts like Peggy, the possessed doll, Bela Lugosi’s cursed mirror, and even the fake teeth of notorious cult leader Charles Manson. The museum adds creepy lighting and theatrics to the exterior, extra jump scares, and they even close on the actual holiday to embark on a live lockdown investigation with the Ghost Adventures crew. Each year, they hope to find new evidence of the evil that inhabits each item, and maybe even communicate with the demon that is said to live in the basement.

I experienced a spectacular night with people roaming in the freakiest costumes, the Viva Vision features a special light show starting at 6 p.m. The crowd is amazing and everyone knows how to have fun! The ambiance at Fremont Street lived up to its theme of being scary and spooky. The bars served slushy drinks, while a lot of Halloween favors added to the storytelling of ghouls, witches, zombies, and more. What caught my attention was everyone masked up to enjoy to the fullest. 

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