MS Dhoni Will Not Retire: How This Will Affect Cricket Next Year

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is bound to go down in the history of cricket as one of the best batsmen and wicketkeepers. Throughout his illustrious 16-year career, he has led the Indian side to two World Cup wins and numerous tournament wins. In the process, he has also set a plethora of records and has received several awards in light of his talent and skills.

With a biopic to his name and a fan-following upwards of millions, he has established himself right at the top with other Indian cricket giants.

However, just like the other veterans, Dhoni too, has called it quits on his international cricket career. In August, the 38-year-old announced on social media that he will be retiring from all formats of international cricket this year. He kept mum about his commitment to the domestic leagues such as the IPL, giving a glimmer of hope to his staunch supporters that they may get to see him play in the future too.

Dhoni and IPL – There’s More to Come

It is a well-known fact that MS Dhoni has led Chennai Super Kings to three IPL titles and five runner-up trophies on the back of his superb captaincy. In fact, in his 11th season of the Indian Premier League, it was the first time this year that his side failed to make it to the playoffs.

Online cricket betting experts were taken aback by this massive setback. After all, the Dhoni-led Chennai team has always been among the top favourites to win the tournament, year after year. So imagine the surprise when they finished at 7th place in the table with just 12 points – their worst performance in the IPL yet.

That said, the defeat did not quell Dhoni’s desire to continue playing in the IPL. Following their last match against Kings XI Punjab in the league this season, Dhoni was asked if it was his last IPL game ever in the post-match interview. Much to fans’ content, he confirmed that he would be returning to the IPL next season. 

He reassured that he will not be retiring from this format of the game just yet, and will be back to lead the charge for Chennai next year too.

Can CSK Continue to Thrive under Mahi?

Chennai Super Kings have always been among the most consistent performers in the history of IPL. So, having one bleak season such as this one, which was particularly plagued by the pandemic, is by no means a solid indicator that they cannot get back to their winning ways again.

It isn’t a situation like Virat Kohli’s, who was facing calls to step down from the captaincy of Royal Challengers Bangalore following yet another disastrous season. 

It is also worth noting that at the moment, Dhoni is among the few active cricketers who have a ton of experience in leading a cricket team. Perhaps, next season, the CSK management can tweak their roster and get some quality players who can once again take them to the IPL trophy.

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