MP judiciary mock test and other judiciary mock test papers 2020-2021

You must know how crucial mock test papers are and why one should never skip them if you have ever written any competitive or government exam. The mock test papers of any competitive exam are essential to know about the question papers’ level and the pattern.

MP judiciary mock test papers are essential for the MP judicial exam because these exams are conducted statewide, and the difficulty level could fluctuate. The mock test is necessary not only in the MP judiciary mock test series but also in all the judicial exams conducted in India.

Importance of MP judiciary mock test and other judiciary mock tests-

  • It gives you an idea of the actual exam to feel that you are attempting the real exam.
  • The mock test papers’ level is a little bit higher than the actual exam, and when you write at least ten mock test papers, you get prepared for a stricter level, which helps you solve the questions quickly in the exam.
  • It also helps you analyze which type of question is taking more time. Time is everything when you’re sitting in the exam cause sometimes, you know the solution to the problem, but you miss trying it because of lack of time.
  • It helps you in getting to know about the areas that need to be strengthened. Not everyone is good at all the areas, so it’s important to tackle each of them.

MP judiciary mock test papers will help you know about the difficulty of questions, question type, weak areas, time invested per question, and strategy.

MP judiciary mock test papers (best online portals)-


The Toprankers is one of the most well-known sites to provide the judiciary mock test, including the MP judiciary mock test series. Toprankers is committed to giving exam-level and new pattern-based mock tests that help you prepare the best way for your examination.

The Toprankers also offers two free mock test papers for all the exams (government and other competitive) that you can write to analyze its content level and quality. Toprankers’ packages are quite affordable, and you can go for it.


Gradeup has also been one of the most prominent portals that provide affordable mock test papers/series for all the competitive exams, especially the government exams. You will get the MP judiciary mock test papers in English and Hindi, both languages. You will also get a mock test for absolutely free to write by visiting the Gradeup’s official site.

The Gradeup also offers the other mock tests for judiciary exams that occur in India. You can also check the plans of Gradeup as they have plans for all the judicial exams conducted in India.


Another renowned portal for the MP judiciary mock test papers is Edugorilla, which provides the mock test papers for all the state-wise judicial exams. You’ll be getting a few mock test papers for absolutely free, which might help you decide whether to go for it or not. Edugorilla also provides other useful content that is important for the test.

These are the best online portals for MP judiciary mock test papers. They have mock test papers for all the judiciary exams that are held in India. Make sure you give at least ten mock tests before the actual exam.

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