More than a Wallet: OWNR’s Plans for a Complete Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


Most cryptocurrency traders have a favorite set of go-to software, apps, and platforms. But what if all of these individual tools could be combined into a single all-encompassing, integrated cryptocurrency platform?

This is exactly the question that the Estonian blockchain startup OWNR Wallet OU set out to answer. The first part of their service hit the app stores in 2019, in the form of OWNR Wallet – a multi-asset, cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet.

OWNR Wallet

Accessible on just about any device, OWNR Wallet supports a whopping eleven coins – including EOS, an unusual crypto to find on multi-asset apps – as well as all the 306K+ ERC20 tokens. Users can store, send, receive, and exchange the assets from a single dashboard, as well as being able to purchase most of the coins through the app or website using a debit card.

This already ambitious project is made all the more unusual with the combination of a non-custodial system with a simple UI. In contrast to the vast majority of non-custodial crypto wallets, OWNR’s interface is suitable even for complete beginners – even despite its broad functionality.

Upcoming features

The recent addition of EOS support was a major milestone for the startup and a boost for the app on the Chinese market, and obtaining the MSB license opened up further opportunities in the U.S. And although OWNR Wallet has already proven itself successful, the team behind the app sees even more potential for development.

First up on OWNR’s list is a series of advanced functionality features to expand the existing wallet, with professional traders and businesses in mind. The startup plans to go far beyond the price widget already available within the app, and offer advanced statistics and analytics tools for processing crypto payments.

Alongside expanded functionality for the enterprise segment, OWNR will also be adding advanced developer tools – including a multifunctional public API and big data processing, among others.

A multi-asset cryptocurrency ecosystem

Here comes the best part: the wallet, it turns out, is just the start. The company has shared plans for developing what they refer to as a “multi-asset cryptocurrency ecosystem”, which would ultimately constitute an all-in-one hub for all crypto-related activities.

At the moment, OWNR is working on implementing prepaid cryptocurrency debit cards. These cards – no different than your standard bank card – can be topped up with cryptocurrency and used as a payment method at any terminal or checkout that accepts regular debit cards. Cryptocurrency is seamlessly converted into fiat during the transaction, so it doesn’t matter whether the vendor accepts crypto as payment.

Other confirmed upcoming features of the OWNR cryptocurrency platform also include its own system of cryptocurrency exchange and a blockchain explorer – a search engine used to extract data related to transactions and other blockchain-based activity. The crypto exchange will enable users to convert their assets between different cryptocurrencies. Many crypto wallets are integrated with external exchanges to provide this functionality for their users, which is effective but restricted: the exchange’s limitations are carried over into the wallet’s functionality. OWNR aims to develop an integrated exchange as part of its broader ecosystem.

OWNR is already a popular choice of crypto wallet for secure asset management, but the addition of such a broad range of features will put it well on its way to becoming the go-to platform for all things crypto.

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