Milestone for Thai Boxing Industry as YOKKAO Launches F/W 2021 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

After years in the making, the Muay Thai fashion brand YOKKAO is ready to make its debut at Milan Fashion Week, where it will launch its F/W 2021 collection.  YOKKAO will reach another milestone as it presents its first sportswear collection alongside two of Italy’s most talented designers.  The Bangkok-based fight brand’s sportswear collection will feature the culmination of a project started two years ago in Italy between Italian designers, the YOKKAO Team in Thailand and YOKKAO’s founder, Philip Villa.

Villa says, “After creating an integrated community in the fight industry, we are ready to expand the brand to new areas. The apparel and accessories collection will have a sportswear design approach with a color and graphic’s twist on classics items. This amazing project will have a positive impact in spreading the Muay Thai culture around the world.”

Since its inception in 2010, YOKKAO has proven itself as a market leader for quality, design, and marketing for fight gear and apparel in the Muay Thai industry.  YOKKAO fuses traditional Muay Thai gear and fightwear with the latest, fashionable designs, making it stand out from its competitors. YOKKAO uses its own Bangkok-based factory, gym, Fight Team and warehouses that are based in Asia, Europe and the United States. The company is also known for its international events and worldwide seminars.

Always a frontrunner in the Thai boxing industry in terms of fightgear designs as well as novel ideas, YOKKAO’s upcoming F/W 2021 collection launch at the Milan Fashion week is yet another revolutionary development.  When Villa and YOKKAO debut their collection at F/W Milan Fashion Week, it will mark the first time a Thai boxing brand will take over the fashion runway in Milan.   The event marks a leap forward for YOKKAO, but also for the Thai boxing industry, bridging the gap between the strikingly different worlds of fight sports and fashion.

Milan Men’s Fashion Week will take place from January 6, 2021 to January 19, 2021.

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