List of Top ERP Systems

Running a large business has many challenges in order for it to be a success. There are a number of processes and systems that are put in place in order for the business to flow smoothly on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is a solution to this kind of interface where each department can communicate with one another to work better as a whole. Below is an in depth look at a particular system that makes communication between the various departments within a business a much easier task.

What an ERP System Does for a Company

Before we get into a List of Top ERP Systems, it is important to understand what it is first. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a refined process used by larger (and smaller) corporations to easily manage and streamline the different aspects of their business. This makes it easier for companies to integrate all of the various processes needed to successfully run their business within a single system. For example, the software system incorporates sales, marketing, finance, human resources, planning, purchases, and so much more.

Understanding an ERP System

For an easier understanding of the system, you can think of it as the glue that binds the different chapters of a book together. Without the glue, the various chapters of the book would not be placed in the order they belong in. This holds true to a corporation.

Without the system, each department within the corporation would have a specialized system to perform its own tasks. The systems would not be integrated, instead, they would be floating around in cyber space, much like the chapters of a book that are not bound by the glue. This can get a bit confusing and time-consuming for individuals that are attempting to understand or analyze various components of the business. With an ERP system, each department will still have its own system of operations, but they are easily accessible through a single application.

Communicate and Share Information Effectively

Enterprise resource planning provides for easier communication within the entire company. It is more effective and efficient as it collects information across the various aspects of the company. All the information is easily accessible different parties that need it.

Awareness and Productivity

The system is beneficial to companies because they make them more aware of their business model in regards to profitability and cost. This is done by linking production, distribution, and finances together.

ERP is Automatic When Incorporating Various Business Processes

When something is done automatically, it cuts down the time spent doing it manually by a lot. ERP is able to automatically perform the steps needed in a very repetitive function. This allows your staff to be more productive and to focus on work that provides more of a benefit to your company.

Better Decision-Making Capabilities Through ERP

An ERP can change and drastically improve the steps of operations for corporations that handle larger amounts of volume. Top ERP software includes enhanced capabilities like planning, easier tracking, and reports that are accurate and delivered on time. Companies can save money by purchasing a system that takes care of all the other systems.

Data Security

An ERP system has security steps installed into the software to protect sensitive material and information that is accessed throughout the company by various staff members or possible cyber hacks. Restricting information will prevent security issues when information is moved from one database to another one. Limiting the number of copies will reduce the chances that the information is stolen or copied to be shared with others.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite ERP is suitable for a large range of corporations and businesses, whether they are large, small, or medium in size. The system works through the cloud, so access to it can be reached securely as long as there is internet access. NetSuite began in 1998 as one of the first few companies to provide businesses with solutions through the cloud. It became one of the most popular companies to provide business solutions across the board.


The SYSPRO software is more streamlined for manufacturing and distribution corporations. The software is specific to these industries to allow the system to better serve the company in terms of its manufacturers and distributors with the features the technology allows.

The company began in 1978 and became one of the leaders for medium companies. SYSPRO is a private company and focus more on feedback provided by customers to improve the software. This is easier to accomplish than a company that is publicly and has to answer to various shareholders when any decision needs to be made.

Priority ERP

Priority ERP services 75,000 companies across 40 countries. This software manages and grows their business, while achieving a 35% increase in productivity across the board. Commercial vendors, manufacturers, and organizations with multiple sites turn to ERP companies to help them better manage the various models they employ.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Everyone knows Microsoft is a leader in software and hardware when it comes to computers. With everything else Microsoft offers, they also provide an ERP software program for companies to implement. The software is able to identify patterns, identify real time work, and will predict patterns. Employers will be able to manage inventory and sales, while making predictions of possible profits so that products or services may be added to meet the profit margins.

Employees have personalized dashboards to see information that is only important to the work they are responsible for. Employees will have data readily available to them to assist them when it comes to making decisions quickly.


SAP ERP has been in business for over 40 years. Located in Germany, the company develops software to help companies with their management processes. SAP works with companies in various locations around the world (130 countries to be exact). It offers standard features, as well as enhanced modules, integrations, and other add-on features.

Business owners use ERP software as a part of their strategic and operational needs to help them analyze solutions, cloud applications, manage inventory, monitor security, place orders, manage shipping details, warehouse needs, and so much more. ERPs consolidate data for more efficiency and ease when it comes to running a business from day to day.

With SAP, there are different versions of the software companies can pick from. For example, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, and SAP Business All-in-One. To determine which one would work best for your business, talk to a specialist for a free consultation regarding your business model and needs.

IFS Applications

IFS has been a leading company in ERP solutions since 1983. Their main focus has always been on making the software user-friendly and lowering costs for their clients. IFS is best suited for product management companies, field service management, and supply chain management software.

IFS Applications can be used at any company, but it is best suited for industrial manufacturers, service companies, configure-to-order manufacturers, and more companies that are in the realm of the fields mentioned. IFS Applications have options for clients to pick and choose from based on their business models and needs. Clients can choose the type of functionality they need to meet business demands.

Types of ERP by Industry Standards

Each industry is different based on the requirements their business needs in order to be successful. Because of that, there are various ERPs developed to support the different industries. Below are a few industries and examples of ERPs that help support them.

Apparel ERP

The fashion world is one industry that witnesses a lot of change from one season to the next. An ERP system must be equipped to handle a lot of change during a short time. Examples of apparel ERPs include TRIMIT Fashion, Deskera, FashionFlow, Acumatica Printshop, SapphireOne, Da Vinci, and more. To determine which software is best for your needs, contact a specialist to learn more about the various options based on your company’s needs.

Higher Education ERP

Colleges and universities have specific systems to help them run the academic side, ranging from tuition to exam grading and dormitory needs. Some popular choices for this include Ellucian Banner, Classe365, Oracle Student Cloud, IFW Campus ERP, Mentis, Einstein, and so much more to choose from. These ERP systems are very comparable to one another because each one is designed to make various processes much easier to analyze and keep track of so that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. Running a large business is very complicated, especially if a system is not put in place to make sure everything else is running smoothly and effectively. Business owners can talk to a technology specialist to get their professional opinion regarding the best ERP system to implement to help them run their daily operations well. A specialist will go over your business and the various departments. From there, they will be able to determine the best system based on your business and its needs. Call today to set up a free consultation to get your company

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