Libra Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles may receive suggestively and inviting gestures from people of opposite staying nearby, who might be a couple of years older to them. Singles may respond fittingly to these gestures, and accept an invite from that person to meet at a convenient place. Emotions flow during this phase, and the love birds may have a pleasant time together. There may be some family-related issues, that may cause discomfort. Handle this tactfully, and delicately, and the issue may be resolved amicably. You may need to work towards preserving peace and harmony. On the relationship front in general, you may enjoy a pleasant time.


Students pursuing graduation may spend enough time with their studies. However, they may take some more time to learn things, and thus their progress may be slow. Students pursuing post-graduation in either science or IT related subjects may have a good grasp of things and may memorize things effectively. Thus, they may make encouraging progress during this phase.


According to planetary movements, your health may be good. Middle-aged people and above need to be careful regarding nagging health issues. Regular check-ups may help you be aware of health anomalies, and you may visit a doctor who may help you keep things under control. Try focusing on fitness during this phase. You may perform some exercises in the morning, or visit the gym regularly to work out to be physically fit.


According to the current planetary movement, you may be in store for some major financial gain. The phase during the weekend may be significant in this regard. At the same time, household expenses may increase, owing to the rising prices of commodities. You may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably and remain in a healthy financial position during this phase.


Businessmen may be in a position to handle a big-ticket deal during this phase. During the middle of the week, they may get a chance to strike a profitable deal. They may need to gather all their resources to deliver material and goods on time, as scheduled. Managing this deal successfully may boost their reputation as a supplier of material in bulk. Career-oriented people may have a challenging time performing effectively and hitting their targets. They may feel insecure about their position.

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