Leo Weekly Horoscope 8th – 14th Nov 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles. You may bump into your teenage-time crush at a social event. Both may be happy to meet after a long time, and after exchanging pleasantries, they may decide to meet at a convenient place, at a suitable time. She may agree to meet you, and you may express your romantic feelings, and propose to have a lasting relationship. After some hesitation, she might agree, and you love birds may have a pleasant time together. Married people may be inclined to break ties during this phase. On the family front, things may be fine.


Graduation students may be distracted during this time, thus failing to pay attention to their studies. They may thus fail to make good academic progress. Students pursuing post-graduation may be worked up about some issue or the other, and may not be able to spend time for their studies.


During this phase, there might not be any major health issue, and you may enjoy generally good health during this phase. However, take due measures to keep your digestive system in order. Watch out for some viral infection. Be worried about your physical fitness. Do some exercises regularly in the morning, or go to the gym and work out regularly, to be fit.


During this phase, you may be able to increase the inflow of income. You may spend money on visiting new places, and you may enjoy. However, try to keep some money in case of an emergency as well. An urgent domestic matter might come up, that you may need to spend on. Other than that, you may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. You may even be able to save money during this phase.


Businessmen may need to look for new areas to push sales, according to planetary movements. Businessmen may remain concerned regarding the stiff competition. Short-term travel carried out by businessmen may bear encouraging results in terms of increasing sales. Career-oriented individuals may remain stressed due to a heavy workload. They may need to work for extended hours at times, in order to meet approaching deadlines regarding the task they’re working on.

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