Know Which Solar Panel Is Best for Your Home


As the appliances in our homes increase, we gradually become more dependent on electricity to power our daily lives. As our electric use increases, our bills follow suit. It also means that we are still using the same sources of power that are affecting our climate in a broader context. As we have become more informed of our carbon footprint, alternate sources have emerged as viable powerhouses of energy. Many manufacturers like Luminous have launched a variety of products and solutions that make it easy for you to go green. 

A solar system that harnesses sunlight to power your house is the most popular form of alternate energy source. One of the biggest factors that make it perfect for your home is that it can easily be used at home, unlike other forms. Both water and wind require a large investment and are not typically suited for homes. With solar panel prices decreasing over time, they are a great return on your investment. However, there are various type of solar panels available in the market. 

Understand the following points to know which solar panel is best suited for your home:

Understand your primary needs

Solar panels come in many sizes and packages, and it is completely up to you to choose the one that works for you. It depends on how much energy you need to power your house. For example, PV panels by reliable brands like Luminous come in varying sizes, each with a different solar panel price

There are two different kinds of solar panels that are available in the market. The first kind is a Polycrystalline panel. These panels are made up of many silicon crystals and are usually blue in colour. These kinds of panels are relatively inexpensive and provide an anti-reflective coating that ensures higher efficiency. 

The second kind of solar panel is a monocrystalline solar panel made up of single silicon crystals. In stark contrast to the polycrystalline panel, they are black in colour. These panels are about 2% more efficient and work better against low light and high temperatures. Due to their size, they save on space and are best suited for small rooftops. 

Know About Different Types of Solar Panels 

There is another kind of classification that affects the solar panel price. This is based on whether you opt for an on-grid solution or an off-grid solution. Let us see how each of the two can be used.

On-grid Solar Power System / Grid interactive System

This type of system is used when you want to reduce your electricity bill. In this type of system you will save the per unit amount multiplied by units generated by Solar system (known as net metering, involves govt. approvals). When your house’s electricity consumption is low and solar generation is high your Solar system will feed the excess energy into the grid/electricity company. When your electricity consumption is high and solar generation is low your Solar system will take the excess energy from the grid/electricity company and feed into your home.

Off-grid Solar Power System / Standalone System

This system is used when electricity/grid is not present or someone required backup to safeguard against power cuts. Also, in some cases, if someone wants to generate his own green energy! (No govt. involvement is required in this case). This is a battery based system, so energy generated from the solar panel is stored in the batteries which are connected with this system. You can operate some of essential equipment/appliances directly on this system at the time of grid unavailability of no sunlight hours as well.. 

Solar panels are the ideal way to cut back on your electric bill and protect your home from power outages that leave our cities in the dark. The fact that you also contribute to a cleaner tomorrow is the icing on the cake. Make sure you identify what you need and research for the best solution. Head over to reliable brands like Luminous that offer competitive solar panel price, making it a complete value for money. 

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