Jennie Monness of Mo’ Mommies and Union Square Play Launch a New App, Giving Parents Information at their Fingertips, 24/7

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What happens when the universe aligns and three, innovative parents –who bust their tails to raise babies and keep it all together – cross paths? Well, when you’re Jennie Monness – an early childhood and parenting educator – and you meet a hospitality expert, Sandra Di Capua,  and the former director of operations for Thomas Keller, Anthony Rudolf, you know some big ideas will be at work. The most recent venture for Monness-plus-two is a new parenting app based on their original development, Union Square Play.

The humble beginnings of USP.

After spending some time laying the groundwork, these three created a vision. They all felt a void when it came to having an authentic play space that put the needs of children, ages birth-to-three, and their parents first. This brainstorming was the humble beginning of Union Square Play.

Before COVID-19 restrictions, Union Square Play was a physical space in New York City. The initial goal was to bring the best programming available to children under three into a parent-friendly format. The popularity of this venture soon outgrew this one space and developed an online presence that exploded into nationwide, Mom groups, internationally distributed Play Packs, and the newest member of the USP team – the currently free USP app.

USP app joins the team.

The USP app brings all of the great information and resources of USP online into your device. Just as the original USP location grew and took shape into other modes, the app developed from necessity. The USP app is the product of the digital age and COVID-19 restrictions. Going digital with information and support seemed to make sense with people isolating and staying home more. Monness and her partners have been amazed at the response to all of their USP phases. They have realized that sharing their expertise with people who want and need their help is the most worthwhile job – next to parenting.

So, what’s available for parents online and through the app? You’ll receive content from other parents who feel like part of an intimate community, with top experts chiming in to answer the questions you need to know about parenting. You’ll also have access to Mom Group insights, where parents converse about the parenting topics you care about most and a calendar of children’s classes and meetups near you or via zoom.

And that’s not all. The app suggests DIY activities for you and your child, which are featured in the popular Play Packs but also that can inspire play at home with everyday items. Maybe you could benefit from some targeted parenting classes from music and movement guru, Dionne Kamara! Finally, the app provides access to other moms just like you, who are trying to figure out parenting on-the-fly.

Parenting is hard.

The early years of parenting are challenging enough, and the pandemic only added more complexities. Isolation does not stop a parent’s need for information. In fact, it probably enhances it. This is why USP decided to fill the void by putting all of its resources into an easily accessible iOS or Android app. Parenting is hard, but with the USP app, you now have answers and resources at your fingertips, twenty-four-seven.

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