Jaw Pain: Healing remedies and exercises at Home


Jaw pain while eating or at any other time is not only bothersome; it can also affect your health in many different ways.

If you’re like many individuals, you may think only a visit to the doctor can help. However, during the COVID pandemic, the fear of virus spread makes it getting harder for us to visit a hospital. 

If you have a terrible pain in your jaw that doesn’t seem to go away, there could be many reasons that are difficult to uncover. Worse, for many of us, the jaw pain leads to even more pain in popping the jaw, migraines and can even make eating unpleasant.

Among all the available home remedies for different issues, jaw pain is most comfortable to fix, and you can do it in your bedroom. Before planning a doctor’s visit, try these simple tricks that almost always work.

Heat or Ice Packs

This is one of the earliest and simplest jaw pain remedies that you can do even at home. You can use readily available wrap ice in a plastic bag or ice pack and apply it to the face’s affected area for about twelve minutes.

You can do a similar thing with a slightly moist heat pack as well. The sweltering heat helps the contracted or stressed muscles of the jaw to relax, thereby affording relief.

Relaxing the Jaw

Practicing relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing helps loosen the muscles and subdue their soreness. This is also recommended for individuals with jaw pain.

Relaxation methods also help promote sleep quality and help relieve discomfort, primarily if your jaw pain is caused due to muscle strain.

JAWS – pun intended.

Home Exercise

  1. Place your fist below your jaw, just like when you pose for a cute, cheesy portrait.
  2. Now, using your fist as a wall that prevents your jaw from moving, softly open your jaw closer to your fist.
  3. Keep your jaw open, counting to eight silently.
  4. Slowly close your jaw, resting it as much as possible, and counting to 4 silently.
  5. Repeat these steps four times or until you feel your jaw relaxing and the pain moving away.

Some information about this and other remedies is to make sure you don’t exaggerate anything and don’t overdo too much pressure. You just need to turn on the muscles carefully.

If you throw too much pressure, it will lead to muscle strain and maybe substantially add to your pain instead of reducing it.

Why this works

This easy exercise works based on a massage notion called “reciprocal inhibition.”

What it does is works one group of muscles while it forces the other set of muscles into an opposition movement that loosens those muscles naturally.

The result is that when you interlock your jaw muscles that open your mouth, the ones that close your jaw will directly relax as your brain will send a signal to those muscles to “just chill out.”

Amazingly, such a simple exercise can be so efficient, but it works for many people.

Moreover, it just might be the one stuff that helps you remove the problem. Best of all, it is an entirely natural remedy that is very simple among all the jaw pain remedies you might read online, and there are no known side effects.

Try it and see if it works for you.

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