Indian firms push digital transformation, reinvent biz model

(IANS) As pandemic accelerates digital transformation across the spectrum, a Dell Technologies report on Thursday said that 94.7 per cent of Indian organisations have fast-tracked some digital transformation programmes this year and 92.3 percent of those surveyed are re-inventing their business model.

The ‘Digital Transformation Index’ (DT Index) reported a modest drop since 2018 in the number of Digital Laggards (the least digitally mature group) by 0.8 percentage points in India.

Data privacy and cybersecurity concerns, limited resources and difficulty extracting insights from data identified as barriers to digital transformation.

“We are living in a data era, where constant investment in digital technologies to meet the barriers to progress is a must. This shift in approach by organisations here recently is the primary reason why there is a rise in digital leaders in the country” said Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India.

The DT Index survey included 4,300 business leaders (C-suite to Director) from mid-size to enterprise companies across 18 countries.

“Digital adopters in India (the second most digitally mature group) have grown from 33.5 per cent in 2018 to 55.3 per cent in 2020,” the findings showed.

Recognizing the importance of emerging technologies, 93.7 percent of respondents in India envision increased usage of Augmented Reality to learn how to do or fix things in an instant.

Despite this, only 22.7 percent of respondents in India are planning to invest in Virtual/Augmented Reality, just 50 percent intend to invest in Artificial Intelligence, and a mere 16.7 percent plan to invest in distributed ledgers in the next one to three years, the report mentioned.

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