How to Write a Good Movie Review

Writing a good movie review is a complex process. A typical question every writer needs to ask is “How will I write a good movie review and avoid being overwhelmed by the movie details?” Well, the only way to do this is to do a breakdown before writing, and that involves listing out subheadings that will make the whole writing process more comfortable. This allows you to manage your time accurately. Apart from that, the review aims to inform the readers about the ideas portrayed in the film.

Nevertheless, students have always made mistakes in trying to narrate all the events that happened in the movie and stating their opinion. In writing a good movie review, the first unavoidable rule is to abide by the objective rule. You must not write with a subjective mindset. Instead, discuss from a general perspective.  

Also, you cannot write a good movie review from watching the movie alone; you must investigate the background to ascertain facts that can get the readers excited. However, this process can be stressful, and you may not be able to get the necessary details you need. But you can achieve your purpose if you get your work done online at WriteMyEssayOnline. Before Writing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the film based on a franchise? How does it fit into the series?
  • The plot, is it based on a fantasy, real-life events, or novel?
  • Was the producer able to create a straightforward and exciting plot?
  • The rhythm of the movie, is it smooth or dynamic? Does it contain unnecessary details?
  • The target audience of the film, is it Unrated, G-rated, or R-rated?
  • Do movies on the same theme/topic that are worth mentioning in your review exist?
  • The kind of camera used to shoot the movie and other equipment, how do these techniques impact the overall impression?
  • Is there any unique character that entertained or any unsolved issues in the movie?
  • Was there a successful casting? Did all actors and actresses play their roles well?
  • The imagery of the general movie atmosphere, is it joyful/obscure/ tense?

These questions will give you a background to the study of the movie you are reviewing. They interest the audience in reading your work further. Apart from that, your review goes a long way in affecting the film; you can read more on the importance of movie review. Below are guides on writing a good movie review:

Start with an eye-catching introduction.

Whenever a reader stumbles upon any write-up online, the first thing that interests the reader is the introduction. Your introduction paragraph should contain information such as movie title, genre, release date and director’s identity. If it is ideal, include the awards won by the movie, majorly the prestigious ones, the box office and the budget. After this, add a compelling thesis that covers discussion beyond technical elements description and plot summary. Your thesis should portray logical aspects such as:

  • The film’s central idea and the events connection;
  • The similarity that connects the movie’s plot and your personal experience;
  • The connection between the movie’s formal elements and its thematic content.

State your evaluation clearly

Perhaps your readers may not have the patience to read the whole review. Endeavour to point out your evaluation at the beginning of your review. A movie review is not a controversial write-up; so do not wait until the last paragraph before telling them what you were able to deduce in the first or the second paragraph. 

Write a precise plot summary.

Briefly explain three or four events that played out in the movie, but do not reveal the final scene. Not disclosing a final movie scene is a form of ‘call to action’ to watch the film. Also, it sustains the readers’ suspense.

Highlight the overall impression.

Plot summary always sums up the actions and scenarios in the movie. Therefore, highlight the impression such as emotions, actions, tensions, wicked scenes, comic relief and moments that melt the heart in the movie. Do not tell the reader your feelings or what you perceived. The goal is to share a movie experience to make your review personal rather than being formal.

Determine the reason for the movie creation

Every movie has a purpose, either to address a situation or to try to argue a point. As a review writer, you must provide reasons why you think the movie was created and produced. For example, if the movie has an evil character, like Ramsay Bolton in the Game of Thrones series, do not explain in detail, give a hint. There are so many factors that lead to the production of a movie. So, find one for the movie you are reviewing. For proper understanding, read more on quora to know more on the reason why movies are made.

Include some informative details about filmmaking.

After writing the exciting part of your movie review, inform your readers on some of the movie elements you believe to be a unique trait about the film. Do not use vague words, nor get too excited when discussing these details. Here are some factors you can talk about:

Cinematography: It has to do with camera effects during the filmmaking, and the things to discuss are camera distances, camera angles, and camera movements.

Sound: It has to do with the sounds used in the movie. Some movies have gained recognition because of their sound, a typical example is the titanic movie soundtrack, “my heart will go on” by Celine Dion, while game of thrones is known for that energetic sound beat. You might also use this to interest readers.

Write an exciting conclusion.

The conclusion should inform your reader about what interests you, and make recommendations on people who need to watch the movie. Keep it in mind that your conclusion is the last chance to leave a good impression on your readers, so, make it exciting.

After writing, remember to proofread and edit your work correctly before final publication. Remember, it is easier for readers to spot an error, but with an online essay writing service, you’ll get perfect work.

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