How to Spend a Long Weekend in Bogota

There is nothing better than holidaying in Colombia, especially when you find yourself in the vibrant capital city of Bogota. With its dazzling culinary scene, high-quality coffee, and a cosmopolitan area like no other, Colombia is one of the most colorful places to be in all of Latin America. You can commence your weekend trip to Bogota from Chapinero zones like Quinta Camacho or Zona T. 

There is no way you will be in Bogota. You will not enjoy the lovely aura of Zona T, especially if you are passionately interested in parties and other outdoor events. This scene has shopping areas, bars, eateries but you wait until you get to Chapinero. Those who are more interested in stunning locations for pure fun and limitless entertainment, GHL Hotel Bioxury, BOG Hotel, Grand Hyatt Bogota, Hilton Bogota, and Hotel El Dorado Bogota are some of the places you can go to with friends and family members. Here is an itinerary that can guide you as you proceed to enjoy your weekend in Colombia: 

Friday: Museums, Attractions, and Cycling

Start by touring the La Candelaria area of the capital city of Bogota. This is a colonial neighborhood, and you will be amazed by the architecture of the timeless buildings and the theatrical street scenes. It is one of the most popular areas with local guests and international tourists. You can enjoy fresh coffee and a typical Colombian snack as you relax. 

Once you are done with your cup of fresh coffee, you head for the Plaza Bolivar, the heart of the city, and here you will see the expansive beauty of Bogota. Pose for as many photos as you can, then walk up to the street sellers and get some maize and allow the birds to feed on your palms. This is one of the most memorable things you can do in the heart of the country. 

Once you are done with the pigeons, the next thing is for you to know more of the city on a bike. There is the customer-friendly Bogota Bike Tour and it is a pleasant way to do proper sightseeing. On a rented bike, you can stop at the local fruit market and guzzle on some fresh juice, stare at graffiti, or stay for a while and watch Tejo’s session, which is the country’s national sport. 

You can end your bicycle tour in the same area of La Candelaria where you commenced, but you need to try out two more things before you wrap it up. You need to pay a visit to the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) and make sure you enjoy the classic Ajiaco soup. For those wondering what the soup is all about, it is a delicacy made from chicken and is the most appropriate dish for this city. 

If you can visit the Gold Museum, be prepared to inspect more than 6,000 artifacts of gold from the Pre-Colombian era and truly, your mind will be blown at this place. Masters make the artifacts and you cannot but notice the skills that went into making them. From the museum, take another tour around the streets and have dinner in one of the busy restaurants all over the place. You can also dance in one of the clubs to indigenous Colombian music. 

Saturday: Shopping, More Coffee and Andres

Commence your Saturday with a fresh cup of coffee at your preferred restaurant – that will be part of your breakfast. It would be best if you sampled several coffees, which is one of the main advantages of being in this beautiful country. 

Following your light breakfast, you should head out for shopping. Bogota is a place where you will do all the shopping you want – from antique items to the trendiest items. If you are close to the Quinta Camacho area, you can start your shopping from the place. 

When you are done with shopping, take some time to have a nutritious lunch. You can select from the local or international cuisine. If there is time and some energy left, you can still walk around and try even more dishes at more restaurants. Saturday night is the climax, and you are better off spending it at the most popular party in the city: Andres Carne de Res. 

Sunday: Entertainment, Local Drinks, and Flea Markets

This is best spent at the Usaquen area of Bogota, and this art-laden area full of Spanish-themed buildings from the colonial era has all the local markets, eateries and bars, so there will be no boring time at all. Check out the flea market as you sample the local arts and crafts while enjoying the traditional snacks and all kinds of street food. Do not forget to guzzle as much mojito as possible, and this is what you will do all day long! 

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