How to Play Online Casinos with PayPal

In the last few years, the gambling industry has seen several changes. In about ten years, the popularity of the online sport has tripled, making it an industry worth billions across the globe.

In the early days of the internet, right before we had social media, gambling online with real money was plagued with risks. Some punters trod the path with caution while many others avoided it altogether. But now, things are much more comfortable. As of today, online gambling is legal in most countries and also regulated for the safety of punters and casino owners.

As things continued to unfold, the number of online casinos increased. With the increased numbers came another problem. That problem was that of convenient payment methods. With time, several of these payment options became available for people to use. One of such is the PayPal a safe and secure method of convenient payments.     

About PayPal

Paypal is a popular e-wallet that offers its services in 25 currencies across the world. With over 15 years of experience, their services are available in over 180 countries of the world.

In the gambling space, PayPal has made a name for themselves as a leading method of payment trusted worldwide. Therefore, there are online casino real money PayPal options in almost every casino on the internet today. 

The unique selling point of Paypal is the fact that most casinos accept them as a method of payment. In fact, an absence of PayPal on the list of payment for a casino could mean foul play. That’s because PayPal ensures that businesses that use their services are legitimate. This they do by ensuring strict compliance with some set regulations. The moment they receive complaints about illegal activity of some casinos, PayPal immediately stops working with such online casinos.

For software providers, the use of PayPal by an online casino proves that the casino owns a license in such an area. This is because PayPal will allow a casino to receive money from customers in a particular place only if the casino has a right to operate in that area. So, for instance, I would only be allowed to fund my casino account using my PayPal account in the US, if the casino owns a license in the UK. For the developer and the for players, such permits are signs that the casino is trustworthy.

For the casino owners, even though PayPal makes the process a bit difficult, it’s all for good. First, offering the e-wallet as a payment option allows for better trust. Also, it gives their players the convenience while paying.

How To Use PayPal At Online Casinos

Opening your PayPal account is as easy as closing your eyes. All that you need is your email address, and that’s it. After you have gotten the basic account, you can proceed to connect it with your credit card or bank account.  

After you have set up the account, proceed to the cashier option in the menu of the casino. There you will find different options for deposit. Select PayPal from all these and follow the steps that come with it. 

The use of PayPal differs from one online casino to another one. That is to say, before using PayPal in an online casino, you must read their terms and conditions. Here are a few things that could cause problems if you neglect them.  

Most casinos place a minimum limit of between $10 and $15. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

While some casinos might give you bonuses for you using PayPal, some are not so generous. In some places, the bonus offered by the casino could be as massive as 15% of your deposit. However, in some cases, PayPal transactions come at a fee, even with deposits. 

Similarly, some casinos do not allow PayPal as a method of withdrawal and deposit at the same time. These casinos do not by imposing withdrawal restrictions that make it almost impossible for you to make withdrawals.

Lastly, withdrawals with PayPal can take some time. Depending on the casino you are using, you might have to wait for 2-3 days. However, compared with some other methods of withdrawals, the waiting time for PayPal is not so long.  

Whatever happens, a good tip is to always check the terms and conditions before using PayPal with any casino. 

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