How to Make Your Clip-Ins Look Longer


Are you looking for kinky straight clip ins that blend with short natural hair?

So, what you’ve heard about Clip-In extensions is most definitely true.


In any event that you’ve got planned, whether it’s a date or a wedding or perhaps just wanting a change in your look, you can achieve showstopper status and be turning quite a few heads in the process!

Let’s face it. No one wants to spend too much time getting ready for their big night out on the town.


You never know what might come up last minute and now you find yourself in a rush!

Of course, there will be times when we need extra time to prepare, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t have to feel like we’re constantly under pressure to make ourselves look perfect?

Now, I don’t know about you right now, but I have always felt incredibly sexy with longer locks.

However, I know first-hand, that getting my stubborn hair to grow is something that takes.

That’s why I KNOW that this is a surefire way to get what I want.

But, can I use them without causing any damage to my natural hair?

Thankfully, there are options out there that won’t harm your natural hair.

No-Fuss – Locks In No Time

If you’re wanting to make your hair look longer without the fuss, then it’s time you check out some of the most high-quality hair clip ins that money can buy.

I know like many women, I’m always wanting a little makeover.

My personal style?

I want to, ‘SWITCH IT UP” a bit.

Not to mention, I literally have no patience.

There’s no way I’m going to feel like waiting around for what seems like a century for my hair to grow an inch or two.

That’s right. The ball is in your court.

Are you ready to make a difference in your look by using the fast and easy method of using the natural clip ins extensions?

Well, then let’s get them locks of yours motivated doll!

I want to give you the low down on clip ins and how they can make all the difference while being as hassle-free as possible.

How Clip Ins Make Your Hair Longer

At some point in your life, you’re going to want to rock some inches. Clip-In extensions are the perfect way to add not only length but also volume to your style. 

For my textured hair girls, Kinky Straight is the perfect texture to match and blend seamlessly with your hair.

If you’re constantly sporting a short darkish bob, yet you are secretly wishing for that iconic and extra-feminine loose up-do, the right kinky- straight clip ins are going to let you obtain that.

This is going to take your hair to GREAT LENGTHS … in an easier way than you can imagine!

This is because good hair extensions will blend right into your natural hair regardless of its length and dimensions.

All of this is accomplished just by clipping them in. You can then fashion it yourself or have a stylist fix up your now lengthy tresses for you.

They Unleash a Ton of Volume in Your Hair

Some ladies will find out a bit too late that their ends are thinning or may additionally have had skinny strands, to begin with.

Getting that up-do calls for a greater hairpiece that will set your look off as a work of art—and that is where extensions come in.

Not only do they add voluptuous lengths, but they also add some ‘oomph’ for your hair as well, making it simpler to pin into a stylish up-do.

The extra volume can even help you make patterns that can make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Braids and buns, for instance, appear so much more flattering once they’re fuller.

Pinning down a tiara for that senior prom or using decorative hairpins for a night on the town will also be lots less complicated with thicker locks!

Kinky-Straight – The Best of the best

There are many textures to come from when it comes to choosing the right one for your hair. But in my personal opinion, you’re going to get the BEST OF THE BEST when you go with the most natural-looking Kinky-Straight clip ins.

You can find them available in 3 options that will suit ANY HAIR TYPE!


You’ll be Zoom Meeting ready in no time flat! The best Kinky-Straight clip ins are going to be easy to use, and they’re going to STAY IN PLACE! 

That’s right. You’re going to be styling and profiling in no time flat.

My favorite clip ins are:

  • High Density
  • ColorableYES! You can dye them any color you choose!
  • EASY-PEASY to straighten!
  • High quality 100% virgin human hair clip in hair extensions

Kinky-Straight clip ins are quick and easy to apply while effortlessly blending into your own hair. Whether applying to your own hair or hair accessory, they add weightless volume and length to your look.

Final Measures

When choosing your extensions for your next look, be sure it suits your hair color.

For example, in case you’re blonde, then you’ll want to get the proper color of blonde clip in hair extensions.

It’s important to remember that going with the wrong coloration can make it pretty awkward.


And you don’t want that.

Take my advice and get a hold of the highest quality Kinky-Straight clip ins that you can find. You’ll be catching the eye of everyone you meet!


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