How to Love a Partner with Low Self-Esteem


Being in a relationship is a challenge, but having a partner that is battling with low self-esteem is another case on its own. It can be incredibly hectic to date someone who has a sense of reduced value for themselves, which is due to several things. When in a relationship with such a person, there is practically nothing you will do that will be enough or sufficient. 

It is a lot of stress coping with loving someone with a diminished sense of self-confidence. Research upon studies has shown that those with low self-esteem eventually regret their efforts in a relationship, and they express feelings of inadequacy. However, all these do not imply that you cannot love someone with a decreased sense of self-esteem. If you end up finding yourself in a relationship with an individual with low self-esteem, there are steps that you can take, and they are as follows: 

Assist them in Becoming Open-Minded

All human beings have conversations in their minds, even if some people cannot realize it. These conversations form the basis of what and how we feel about ourselves. Some form-general opinions or criticism about themselves, but whatever the case, it is vital that you assist your partner in becoming more open-minded. 

You will have to encourage the other person to desist from harmful habits like setting up comparisons with other people. People who have low self-esteem tend to compare themselves with other people, and they feel inadequate or even develop a sense of lack of achievements. If you are in love with such a person, you will have to reinforce their sense of self-confidence. You have to let them realize that there is no point in their comparison themselves with other people. That is what is meant by allowing them to see from different perspectives. 

Encourage Autonomy

The first thing you need to remember in this instance is that it is not your job to a total fixing of your partner. You have to realize that real joy or happiness comes from within. It would help if you let your partner know that what makes them happy is not what comes from external sources. 

You have to guide your lover to know that you get to make yourself happy with your actions in life, and no one will do that for you. It is what you do for yourself that will truly make you happy at the end of the day and not necessarily what they get from others. 

Focus on Self Love

It can be very depressing to be romantically attached to a fantastic person, but for you to see them express nothing but self-hate. In such an instance, what you have to do with your partner is to encourage them to engage in things that will make them genuinely appreciate themselves. This can be something as simple as having refreshments at an eatery, having an outing with friends, or even rekindling a passion. True love stems from the joy of other activities that you derive from outside your relationship. This includes spending time with friends and colleagues, generally having a good relationship with other loved ones. 

Be Real

One of the worst things you do when in love with a partner with low self-esteem is not to say your mind. Even though that does not give you the license to hurt them with words, you also need to be realistic. This is relevant because those with low self-esteem always pay attention to everything and it is a lot easier for them to get hurt by even the tiniest things. 

This is the reason why some people decide to hold back rather than talk about some other things. It would be best if you did not remain aloof or try not to speak but approach the matter with wisdom and a sense of reality. Let them know that you are not there to hurt them or anything but to watch out for their best interests. This way, you get to create a zone of comfort for them, and you will see them blossoming from time to time without any stress. 


A relationship is precisely what you make of it, and that means that when you are in love with someone with diminished self-esteem, you get to make the best of everything. There are steps that you can take to make the relationship work out. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and calmness to make everything work out eventually. There is no perfect human being, and you need to find a way to live with what looks like imperfections. 

It was this simple, Ron.

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