How to Lead Your Team Like an Alpha Wolf

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Business is competition, and to succeed; you have to position your team correctly for all the tasks ahead. It is your responsibility as the leader of a business team to make sure that you dominate and the best way to do this is to become an alpha wolf. 

This can sound even funny to some people but what experienced leaders know is that human beings behave more like animals. And just like the wolf species, we also form nuclear, family-like sets that have to be well-coordinated before progress can be recorded. This knowledge is used to devastating effect by the best leaders. They typically make use of their own animal instincts to lead others and get the much-needed results. That said, here are steps that you can take when it comes to leading your team like an alpha wolf: 

Communicate Excellently

One prominent feature of the alpha wolves is that they are very gregarious animals known for using their howls to reach out to others. However, you need to differentiate between communicating intelligently with others and just shouting orders here and there. An alpha leader gives meaningful and emotion-laced lines to ensure that everyone stays in line. 

Research has shown that the most influential leaders use very vibrant conversations to pass the message and get all the team members involved. They also make time to communicate on a one-on-one basis with every team member, which allows everyone to feel included. 

Build the Team for Efficiency

The moment a pack of wolves has more than five members, it is observed that everyone starts getting involved. The same thing applies to your corporate team. You have to assemble the brightest minds who have the same goals as you have, in line with the organization’s mission. Your leadership style should be one that will encourage everyone to feel like wanting to add their input to the overall strategy. 

This will mean assessing each team member’s performance and weighing it with the business’s goal. A leader has to pay close attention to the team members’ values and see how best they can be applied. Give very genuine and sincere feedback to the members, which will massively boost their sense of value and worth. By providing reviews, you are letting them know that their efforts are being appreciated. 

If an employee puts in everything, ensure that the efforts of such employees or anyone for that matter are ignored. Everyone must be made to feel that their contributions are valued. The focus here is to acknowledge the input of all the members. This will also encourage others to also put in their very best. 

Burst into the Predator Mode

One of the functions of a wolf pack is to hunt for food. The whole pack has to act as a single unit before this can be achieved. Food is integral to survival so there can be no compromise on this. You have to apply the same mindset to your business. It would help if you mobilized your team members in ensuring that your business rivals are defeated totally. You must move fast and satisfy the customers better than anyone else. You emphasize the importance of the team working together as one for any goal to be achieved – especially in the corporate world. In cases where the goal is not achieved, you encourage your teammates not to give up hope as you will have another chance to try again later on in the future. 

Locate Your Beta

The beta in a wolf pack is responsible for ensuring that all the rules are ruthlessly followed while also reminding everyone that the alpha is the supreme boss. If you are to take your business to the level of progress you want, you need an excellent deputy. You have to deploy all the resources in your arsenal to get a first-class beta. This is going to help in maximizing efficiency and assisting you with your duties too. 

Do Not Ignore the Omegas

The omegas are the lowest rungs of the ladder in a wolf pack but they are also the ones that swiftly rise in the hierarchy. The leader has to trust the omegas and appreciate their input. This is because they are typically the ones who do all the background work and handle essential tasks like interacting with the customers, collating data, processing information, marketing the values, and promoting your organization or business to the whole world. As the alpha, you must always be there for your omegas as they hold everything together. 

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