How To handle jealousy in a Relationship because of your partner’s behavior?

Firstly, let’s explore what true love really is. 

The feeling of love is a powerful force that can drive women and men to do things that they never thought they could do at any time. Women and men alike have created, killed and invented great things, destroyed and hatched world records because of love. Human nature is such that most steps we do are acquired from our state of mind. What we feel or think at any second can ascertain what and how we do.

The sensation of love is unexplainable, depending on our own belief and conviction that it exists. Some believe that it doesn’t exist, just because they have never experienced it. Others strongly believe in it’s becoming and can do anything to feel it and even share it. I believe love exists because I have experienced it several times. It’s never easy to differentiate between love and lust, I can say. Most people have never experienced true love, but I choose to call desire just a small degree. True love is the eternal feeling of passion, attraction, and attachment towards someone or something. It never ends, and when it does, it leaves traces that can never be deleted.

When you are in love, you always want to do things for the one you love. You can do anything to make them happy. Real love never fails because it’s there to live. The feeling that you always want to be close together creates a sense of jealousy towards one another. I can’t say whether it is a virtue or a vice, but I think it is vital to keep you together to a certain degree.

Have you ever wondered why most people in love become very hostile enemies when they break up? Maybe this is the same question that lingers in my mind now. It’s not easy to explain it, but it’s a hard truth; there’s always a thin line between hate and love. This is well illustrated by the fact that there is forever some level of suspicion in every relationship. The doubt that your partner will move on with another person pushes the feeling of insecurity, resulting in hatred. This force can pull you together or apart, depending on the level of dedication to one another. Genuine love always stands the test of time.

Always learn to contain your emotions towards your partner. 

Understanding each other and considering your opinions is necessary to give each other room for growth. There is no need to feel hesitant when you are sure that you are loved. Even when things don’t work out, always know that love is like a parrot; when you let it go, and it comes back to the stead, that is yours. But if it never comes back, then it was never meant for you. Just silently move on and hope to get someone more reliable who will make you feel special in your way.

To know how to deal with jealousy in a relationship, you must identify the root cause. Does the action of your current partner cause jealousy? Is it a consequence of being burned in your past relationship? Or is it just understandable insecurity within you?

How To handle jealousy in a Relationship because of your partner’s behavior?

Is your spouse the flirty type? Or has your partner violated your trust? Either way, if she or he has given you a reason to be skeptical and doubtful, jealousy due to this cannot be fixed by you alone. You need to talk with your partner this feeling continually and that he or she knows that if you are both to protect the relationship, the offending or faltering partner needs to know that She or he has to work twice AS hard to earn your trust again, setting, creating agreements to restore trust. This does not happen in a week and is a ongoing progress.

More than ever, the offending partner needs to know that you need regular reassurance and win back your trust through openness and transparency. At this point, be aware that you will tend to have a controlling behavior that might kill the relationship because of broken faith. Being aware of this will help you from being commanding.

Dealing with jealousy due to being stung in a past relationship is, however, a different matter. You should not come into a new relationship carrying resentment issues over a past love, and learn to give your new partner a blank slate without casting on her/him a liability of someone else. Nevertheless, it helps to talk this to your partner so that she/he understands you and enables you to heal as you allow yourself also get over this anxiety.

How to get over jealousy due to your own vulnerability?

This stems from a lack of self-confidence, and as such, you need to recognize your esteem issues. Aim to be the best of yourself in every aspect, taking care of yourself physically and fostering your strengths, whether at college, sports, work, or hobbies. Socialize with friends to not put too much focus on your love – one should never entirely build one’s life entirely around your partner alone. You both need free interests to have a sustaining relationship too. And this will keep you from constantly nitpicking on every move your love makes.

Jealousy is a problematic issue and should be handled early on, and indeed knowing the root cause always helps one deal with jealousy in a relationship.

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